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I have problems with my dad and my family about my reactions and don't know what to do!! They don't trust in me anymore!

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Published on September 2008

My One True Life

One true story,
Told by a child,
Everyone thought,
That she was wild.
But it was her cousin,
Who exceeded the truth,
But that was only when,
They were in their youth.
All grown up,
Getting ready to go,
Bad little streets,
They didn't know.
Her parents thought,
She was a lie,
But they were wrong,
They said goodbye.
Just like a slave,
To never come back,
Any day.
Live your life,
And do what you do,
Become the wife,
That you want to,
Get a job,
Just be you,
Because by the end of the day,
That is only thing you can do...


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