Moving On Poems after Death

Research has shown that people live longer when they are surrounded by people they love. We are beings that thrive in community and it is not healthy to deny ourselves human contact. For people that live alone, even a pet has been shown to increase the life span for as much as five to seven years. Those of us that have blessed with family have been given a gift. They can join you in time of celebration and also in times of tragedy. Having a family to support you as you go through life is of monumental importance.

Poems about Moving On after Death

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Poem About Losing A Father, In Our Hearts
We thought of you with love today,
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday.
And days before that too.
We think of you in silence.
We ..........
Votes: 2094,  Rating: 4.54 , 68 Stories
Angels In The Stars
By Sara Manis
God saw I was getting tired
as he put his arms around me
as he whispered come with me

There is a place for you in heaven
where there is no suffering and no pain
all you have to ..........
Votes: 129,  Rating: 4.53 , 1 Story
When We See You Again
As I sit here and wonder how things would have turned out,
Not to have been part of your life was there ever a doubt.
I would see you again, just didnít know when.
A long time has passed, ..........
Votes: 63,  Rating: 4.49
Life Without Daddy, Daddy Are You There?
By Sara
Daddy, is that you, in that coffin fast asleep?
Is that you daddy?
The same person that made mummy weep?
Why are they lowering you into the ground?
Come back up!
Where it's safe ..........
Votes: 548,  Rating: 4.48 , 17 Stories
My Angel
By Cjr1217
I wake up in the morning
And I look up to the sky
I wonder why he took you
before I said good-bye

I look up to the stars at night
And know you're looking down
I'd like to think ..........
Votes: 122,  Rating: 4.48 , 3 Stories
Letter From Heaven
By Crystal Baptiste
Hey everybody,
I hope this doesn't reach you too late.
I don't want you to worry,
Because life up here is great.

I can't wait for you to see the beauty of heaven,
But I know it's ..........
Votes: 291,  Rating: 4.46 , 13 Stories
In Heaven There Are Many Mansions, Little House
By Justin
In heaven there are many mansions
Each and everyone is sparkling new
But I don't need a great big mansion
Just a little house will do,

Just let me be with Jesus
When my time on ..........
Votes: 27,  Rating: 4.37
Each And Every Day
By Gloria
Another year has come
and your still so far away
You're always in my heart
each and every day.

I still can not believe your gone
I hurt so deep inside
I cry a tear day after ..........
Votes: 56,  Rating: 4.36 , 1 Story
Poem Celebrating The Life of A Brother, Brothers
By Steve Mason
From the depths of my heart, come the words of a brother,
where our souls and our minds, are like that of no other.
The spirit of competition, will always be there,
in the look of our eyes, ..........
Votes: 19,  Rating: 4.26
Goodbye My Nan
By Barry Hingston
When I was young, arrogant and brave.
You stood on the sidelines with an encouraging wave.

When I was older, bullish and loud.
You still found something in me, of which to be ..........
Votes: 105,  Rating: 4.21
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Moving On Poems after Death 1-10 of 18    
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