Poem about Life Struggles

Take a flower and examine it. Its peddles aren't perfect and they are in different forms and sizes from each other, but yet the flower seems to be still so beautiful. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Its much like people, if everyone was the same then life would be boring. No one is perfect and everyone has their faults and regrets, but that's what makes us stronger and more human. Be grateful for being alive. Forgive and move on. As for love, it is lifes greatest gift...

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My Sanctuary is being outside listen to the wind blow by and the sun shine …

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© Marci Corbett

Published: Jan 2009

My Sanctuary

The sun is setting
The leaves fall-fall is setting in
There's a slight breeze outside
It's getting cold
I walk outside to feel the breeze against my face
I close my eyes and listen...
I live in a world where there's so much life around me
But for that moment I feel like I'm the only one
The only one, and for that moment I picture myself in another place
My Sanctuary
I go over and sit on a bench and can hear the birds overhead
My mind starts to wander
Life wouldn't seem so bad as a bird
They get to see the world
I would like to see the world
So much I have yet to see
So many people I have yet to meet
I open my eyes
I go back inside
Back to reality


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  • by Christan, TN
  • 11/14/2013

My Sanctuary is being outside listen to the wind blow by and the sun shine on my face. Takes me to another world without worry, regret, or thought. A place I can let go and be carefree for a few moments. A time that I can forget about the bad and think about all the good things. Then it's back to reality. Although, when I come back from My Sanctuary I am always happier.


  • by Danyell
  • Mar 2009

Yeah reality, I like to go in my own little world because I feel a lot safer to were no one can lie to me or rip my heart out. Then it's time to come back to reality and just have wishful thinking


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