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There may be two people who have been dealt the same cards in life. Two individuals with all the same life circumstances. One is miserable, stressed out, and looks twenty years older than he is. The other is the happiest guy you could ever meet and looks twenty years younger than he is. How can this be? The answer is that it is not our life circumstances that make life difficult rather it is the attitude that we view our lives with. Those who are capable of seeing the humor in life and take life lightly will be able to do the best with the circumstances they have been given.
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Things Women Do Not Tell, Spring Has Sprung Me Into A Tissy
By Sheri
I woke to the sights of Spring today
A time that I love and a time I dread
Cause there’s so much I see ahead
Before summer makes its entrance

Spring has sprung me into a tizzy ..........
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Poem About Being 60 Years Old, I'm Not Really 60
By Margaret Hill
That's not my age, it's just not true
My heart is young, the time just flew
I'm staring at this strange old face
and someone else is in my place!

My body's not in ..........
Votes: 67,  Rating: 4.07
The Day I Remember
By Huda Peerzada
I opened my eyes
I looked to the sky
the birds were singing and whistling by
my heart got thirst to fly

I stretched my hands
and put on my band
I got out of the bed
and ..........
Votes: 196,  Rating: 3.9
Brain Food
By Irwin Mercer
Last night at dinner we had some fish,
and though I tried, I did not finish.
My mother told me while I chewed,
brains loved fish over all other food.

Would a big scary brain come ..........
Votes: 8,  Rating: 3.88
Tide, A Family Choice
My whites were dark and dingy
My colors failing fast,
Giving up was coming close
My mom said "Tide will past."
I've tried so many other soaps
I've grown so tired and ..........
Votes: 37,  Rating: 3.76
A Dieter's Despair
By Don Hewitt
Oh my soul, be thou quiet
This is not 'another diet'
Just a program of exchange
Though some things do seem strange

Raw vegetables and 'brock-o-lee'
Does not sound too good to ..........
Votes: 162,  Rating: 3.59
The Greatest Accessory Of Them All
By Junita Thiessen
People care to much.
How their hair looks
or their clothes.
They don't care about what matters
The soul

The soul is what truly matters
that thing that is deep inside.
The ..........
Votes: 100,  Rating: 3.54
What A Life!
By Tessa
I once applied for a life online
Sadly however, I was declined
They told me I was not eligible
So I wrote them a letter to complain
They sent it back, it was not legible
So on with my ..........
Votes: 74,  Rating: 3.46
Days That End In Y
By Elizabeth
On days ending with Y
I am angry.

Insightful as it might be,
Days often end with Yť

I am frustrated a lot,
But I blame the days and their Yť

Yť is confused, nor a vowel ..........
Votes: 41,  Rating: 3.32
After The Party Poem
By Michael
It's getting late, I must go
I had a beer where did it go
I had to pee. I know it's here.
Can't find my keys, where's my shoes.
I gotta go take another pee.
telephone rings, where's my ..........
Votes: 53,  Rating: 3.26
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