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Poem About Best Buddies Forever

The right friendship at the right time is gift from God. If we recognized that. our friendships would last a lot longer.

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April 2010 I was desperate and truly believed that my soul had died …

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© Jacqueline A. Smith

Published: Jul 2007

Best Buddies Forever

God Sent Me You At A Moment In My Life
When He Knew I Needed A Companion
Only He Knew Who Was Best For Me
And Knew Everyplace I Had Been
Only God Could Give Such A Precious Thing
As The Gift Of A Companion Like You
I Pray Everyday As Our Companionship Grows
That You'll Let Me Be There For You
I'll Ask The Lord To Soothe You
On Days You're Feeling Blue
And When Those Tears Are In Your Eyes
He'll Wipe Away Those Too
I'm Sure That It Was The Hand Of God
Who Placed Us Two Together
I'll Pray To Him Everyday
That We Remain Best Buddies Forever


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  • by Rachael, England
  • May 2012

April 2010 I was desperate and truly believed that my soul had died through alcohol and drug abuse. I walked through the doors of the rehabilitation centre and was greeted by Buddy. He was 6''4" and I just stared and thought oh my goodness. He reached out his hand of friendship and has been by my side ever since. He was to show me around for 2 weeks and now We have both just celebrated our 2 years clean and sober birthdays. I thank God every day for putting this special person, my apple-pie, my cherry pie, my cupcake, my treacle, My Buddy into my life. I just pray that one day he will understand how much he actually means to me. YLP


  • by Jennifer, Michigan
  • Oct 2011

I was searching online for a poem to read at my best friend's wedding, since I am the Maid of Honor. This poem instantly had my attention. I met my best friend the same month my Mom died. She was meant to be in my life, and helped my survive that grief. 8+ years later and our friendship is a lifesaver for both of us.


  • by Roderick Fuselier, Opelousas, LA
  • Jul 2011

I read the poem by Jacqueline Smith called "Best Buddies Forever." I saw myself and my best buddy in that poem. I do volunteer work at area nursing homes. I met Carol Lyons at one of them a year ago when he was 79. I was 55. We hit it off big time. He had two major strokes some 30 years ago. His doctors told him back then he would never talk and walk again, but God proved them wrong. He does talk and walk with some difficulty, otherwise he gets along pretty good. He had a gift for playing the Cajun Accordion and the guitar before his strokes. He was once offered to play guitar for Porter Waggner only to turn it down because his wife didn't want to move to Nashville. He is an honorary member of my Cajun band here in south Louisiana. I hope to go by the nursing home tonight where he resides and read to him that beautiful poem that Miss Smith sent in. I'm sure he'll see us in that poem. May God continue to bless and take good care of him and his lovely wife.


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