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Saying I'm Sorry

Saying I'm sorry

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I lost the most loving and precious person in my life because of family …

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© Jacob Greenberg

Published: Jan 2008

One Last Chance

I'm sorry you can't trust me
And won't ever let me in
I'm sorry you don't believe in me
And that I could not win

I'm sorry for not being perfect
And being able to break your fears
I'm sorry for messing up
And causing all your tears

I'm sorry I can't fix it
And make you want to stay
I'm sorry I wasn't good enough
And now I have to pay

I'm sorry I ever doubted it
And made you second guess
I'm sorry I was so stupid
You haven't seen my best


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  • by Maya Shakti
  • 6/25/2014

I lost the most loving and precious person in my life because of family issues I have. we have had fall outs and I broke up with him due to trust issues I have with him.
I love him still an always will. I want to get back with him as well because I miss him.
I send him this poem and I hope he can forgive me.


  • by Latoya Soweto
  • Jun 2013

I lost one of the most precious things in my life because of my trust issues, my boyfriend. I kept on breaking up with him and he came back, but now I don't think he is coming back. I sent him this I am sorry poem and hope he forgives me. I love him big time.


  • by Sariah,Joshua
  • Jun 2013

I had this boyfriend that never believed me when I said I loved you so he left me and I sent him one of these poems and we got back together and ever since he believes me:)


  • by Alyssa, Canada
  • Dec 2012

I had this boyfriend who didn't believe I was serious about him so he left me I still talked to him an I sent him these poems an he said he was sorry an we got back together. I'm a 14 year old girl thanks people who wrote these I saved my relationship <3


  • by Sarah
  • Nov 2012

I was in a relationship but I kept breaking it off cause I thought he would hurt me but instead I hurt him. I try to make him see I'm sorry but it's hard to show it when I don't see him anymore. I loved him but never knew how to show it.


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