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Poem Tribute to A Teacher

This poem is about a girl who had a person that was there for her no matter what. This person was like her personal guide for the world & told her a lot of things in life. The girl takes everything the person says literally but she's also learning from them & as she grows she realizes what the person meant.

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I has found me in your poem. Thank you so much!!!

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© Imani Miller

July 2012

You Told Me

You told me to listen to my heart
But it wasn't speaking

You told me to wait
But soon I got impatient

You told me to feel
But I didn't know how to feel beyond my body

You told me to see through it
But it wasn't made of glass

You told me read between the lines
But there was nothing there

You told me to be careful
Does it mean I was too careless?

You told me I was blind
But still I could see

You told me we don't have time to spare
But who were we giving our time to?

You told me stop being so closed
But I wasn't a door

You told me "don't cry "
Was I suppose to force myself to be happy

You told me to forgive & forget
But its not easy

You told me to l o v e
But what is that ?
You don't know what it is until you find it
Where is it ?
Nobody knows

You told me a lot of things
And I didn't really know what they meant
But I've grown now
Your gone & I wish you would tell me some more


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  • by Ngo
  • 1 year ago

I has found me in your poem. Thank you so much!!!


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