Funny Valentine's Day Poem

The poem is about a girl wanting her crush to ask her to be her valentine. Almost every boy has asked her, every one but her crush, will he end up asking? Read to find out. =]

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© Ashley Williams

Published: Feb 2011

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is coming up, and I don't have a valentine, so now what shall I do?
Almost every boy has asked me, every one but Drew.
Who is this Drew person you say?
Oh only the boy I've been crushing on since the second grade!
He's funny, sweet and also very smart.
The rest of the boys are just mean, obnoxious and think it's funny to fart.
Well why hasn't he asked me, is it something I said?
Maybe it's my breath; I should have never eaten that garlic bread.
But wait, here comes Drew, walking down the hall, and O-M-G was it my name he just called?
He's walking my way, has my day come at last?
But Drew keeps walking and walking till my locker and I he pass.
Well what a bummer all he did was smile.
Well that's the most I've ever gotten from him in a while.
So I open my locker, about to start heading for class.
But I notice something, another valentines card.
I hope this ones the last.
I don't even want to read it because Valentines Day is coming up, and I don't have a valentine, so now what shall I do?
"Will you be my valentine" reads the card, signed from Drew.


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