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After being confined to a wheelchair ever since I was 3 I found that through writings I could be what ever I wanted to be. From short stories, to RP I could walk, dance, hike and just do what every other normal person takes for granted. This poem written about 3 years ago after I came down with MRSA which almost caused me to die. I had to be home bound for 4 months & all I could do while I was recovering was to write. Eventually I got better & this is where it began~

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You Were The One

© Audra A. Allensworth Parsons more by Audra A. Allensworth Parsons

Published on April 2012

Through you I can be everything that I long to be
From walking in the park to dancing in the dark
To as far as ones imagination can see

Before you came into my life I was just an empty shell
Who thought that I would always have to
Remain sitting here in my own hell.

Everyone takes something for granted each and every day
From a cool drink of water, to the feel of one's touch
Until it's taken one does not realize how those
Simple things are missed so much

Often people live in the past while their
Present moves by so incredibly fast
When one needs to stop and smell the roses
Instead of letting them pass right by their own noses

People come and go through out your life
Like fleeting thoughts running through your mind
They also speak of kismet; many never get it,
some never know it
We don't choose it because it chooses us.

You were the one that came into my life
You found a place in my heart
So from this moment on we will never be apart.


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