Poems on Friendship

Friendship is the bread of life. It is essential to our well being. We could not survive without it. Ever since the beginning of time we have been extending the hand of friendship to each other. In very primitive communities, having the help of others in a crisis is a matter of survival. However, even in today's world where it seems as if we could survive without ever talking to another human being, friendship is important. Friendship is a prerequisite to sanity. We are social human beings and we need friends to survive.

Poems about Friendship and Love

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Poem About Getting Caught Up In Life, Our Friendship
By Marcia M. Griffith
As I think of our friendship, I begin to see
Mere words can't describe what you mean to me.
When this cold, hard world has me lonesome and blue
I look up to see my angel, my sweet angel, ..........
Votes: 848,  Rating: 4.45 , 7 Stories
A Poem, If I Were An Angel
By Jessica M. Monahan
If I was an angel,
I would always be there to take care of you.
If I was an angel,
Nothing would ever harm you.
If I was an angel,
I would prevent anything bad from happening to ..........
Votes: 175,  Rating: 4.3 , 2 Stories
Why Can't People See The Real Me?
By Mantica Mosselli
Why can't people see the real me?
I try so hard to be the perfect person I can be.
Sure I'm young, quiet and shy.
But I'm such an amazing person, which many pass by.
Why ..........
Votes: 113,  Rating: 4.3 , 2 Stories
A Friend
A person who will listen and not condemn
Someone on whom you can depend
They will not flee when bad times are here
Instead they will be there to lend an ear
They will think of ways to ..........
Votes: 230,  Rating: 4.28
You Are My Sunshine
You are my sunshine.
You send color to my gray.
When I'm in tears.
You blow my heartbreak away.
You make me happy when times are down.
You turn my world upside and around.
You catch ..........
Votes: 85,  Rating: 4.25 , 4 Stories
Who Can You Be Yourself Around?
By Reeana M. Bullock
Who can you be yourself around?
To pick you up when you are down,
The one you tell all of your secrets to,
That would feel the same way about you,
Who would this person be?
You would ..........
Votes: 53,  Rating: 4.15
Rhyming Poem For A Best Friend, Best Kinds
By Alex
The best kinds of people are warm and kind,
They are always there and they never mind.
The best kinds of people smile and embrace,
They support you with strength and grace.

The best ..........
Votes: 43,  Rating: 4.12
The Heart Of Friendship
By Sandra L. Pierce
The bond of friendship is everlasting
True friends never say good-bye
There is pure truth between us
That will never die
The miles between will be rough
So carry the memories with ..........
Votes: 246,  Rating: 4.11 , 1 Story
A Friend is Someone
By Leah Ross
A friend is someone
You turn to.
A friend is someone
You confide in.
A friend is someone
Who stands by you.
A friend is someone
Who lifts your spirits.
A friend is ..........
Votes: 57,  Rating: 4.04
There Is Always Hope In Friendship
By Cassandra M. Cook

It was a day in the life
Full of sadness and of strife
You never thought you'd make it through
Feeling people think the worst of you
Although it isn't always said
The ..........
Votes: 51,  Rating: 4.04
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Poems on Friendship 1-10 of 22    
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