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Sharing good times with good friends is the greatest joy. This is the stuff that makes life worthwhile. Whether sharing a meal together or a good conversation, there is nothing more fulfilling then spending time with friends. We must be thankful for the friendships that come our way for not all are blessed with the skills to form deep relationships. Those of us that do have friends must never take for granted the gift bestowed upon us.

Friendship and Good Times

Friendship Poems about Good Times

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You Are My World
By Chelsea
You're the thought that starts each morning,
the conclusion to each day.
I envision you in all that I do,
and everything I say.

You're the smile on my face,
the sparkle in my ..........
Votes: 182,  Rating: 4.2 , 1 Story
To My Friends Who Have Been With Me Through Thick and Thin
By Grace
If today the walls came crashing down.
My dreams come to an end.
I wouldn't cry because I know you still be my friend.
If tomorrow God should end my life,
I would wait for you ..........
Votes: 67,  Rating: 4.06
Special Friend
Memories hurt when I thought back
To the times I thought were sad
The smile I wore disappeared
Replaced with the foulest tears.

Then I met someone new
That special someone was ..........
Votes: 84,  Rating: 4.04
A Friend I Know As Father
By Robert Krug
If you, like I, learned from your life,
Then you too know it's true.
That life is filled with miracles,
for some, a precious few.

I think for those that few exist.
Perhaps they ..........
Votes: 26,  Rating: 4.04 , 1 Story
A True Friend
By Johnny Guerra
When someone is right by, you know they're your friend,
Like a lioness protecting her cub.
You know it's not going to be the end,
Just like a strong, never-ending club.
When in desperate ..........
Votes: 58,  Rating: 3.88
A Moment? A Memory? ..Or A Beginning?
By Rani Bajaj
It was a routine call, a routine day.
The voice was urgent, the query genuine,
I answered, at length.
A pleasant conversation, a pleasant moment.
It passed.
The name registered,
The ..........
Votes: 29,  Rating: 3.86
Every Time I Think Of You
By Anon
If every time I think of you…

Just how much do I think of you???
If every time I think of you a rose would sprout…
Then in a rose bush would I be walking about
If every time I think ..........
Votes: 26,  Rating: 3.85
By Trish
After I knew the person you showed the world,
I searched for the person you are.
He was nowhere around
Where was he to be found?
Behind the person you wear?
Can I see you without him ..........
Votes: 21,  Rating: 3.71
A Good Friend Poem, What Is A Friend
By Barbara M. Zellner
A good friend is someone
who cares about you
they are someone who will be
there when you're down

A good friend is someone
who's willing to help you
when you are in a little ..........
Votes: 95,  Rating: 3.68 , 1 Story
Good Friend Poems 1-9 of 9    
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