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I wrote this poem for a girl I fell in love with, she knows I like her but she does not know I fell for her. My friends all know. I want so badly to tell her but I'm scared of what she will say or do. I'm scared that if I lose her I will lose a part of me and I can't have that happen so these feelings will stay hidden inside of me.

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One of my really good friends just got a girlfriend and I was going to …

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© Alexus Brinkley

Published: Jun 2011

Hidden Love

I want you to know
something I'm trying to hide
the way that I love you
is stuck bottled up inside.

I want to tell you
exactly how I feel
and that my feelings
are completely real.

I want to tell you
that I truly do
love you with all that I am
this is the truth.

I hide this feeling
only because I know
you don't feel the same
and I can't let you go.

I don't tell you this
for many reasons
but mainly because
my friendship with you
is too important
to ruin by three words.
I love you!


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  • by Katy
  • 6/21/2014

One of my really good friends just got a girlfriend and I was going to tell him that day I liked him. So I was on Instagram and saw a photo. He was making out with some girl. It felt like I was stabbed then someone poured lemon juice on it. It hurt. So the other day I told him and he just said ''that's sweet but I have girlfriend and I am planning on keeping her for a while''. That hurt even worse, so this is for him:

You're killing me
But I will let you
Because I love you

Every time a new picture pops up
I die more
Like you're breaking off bits of my heart

How don't you see
Every smile is fake
I'm on the verge of tears when I see you

But I love you
You kill me
But I still love you


  • by Katherine. Florida
  • 4/24/2014

I have fallen in love with my best guy friend, but I know he likes one of his friends that she just so happens to love him too. He is going to ask her out soon be told me so... This is just how I feel when I see them together.

You just plunged a knife into my heart.
You are twisting it!

Then she comes in and stabs me again

That's how it feels
On the inside.

Seeing you guys

I stare
Not blinking
In fear of my feelings
Falling from my eyes.

I wish that was me
But it's her instead.


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