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To be a true friend takes a lot of strength. There will be times when you will question why you ever got involved with this person. Times like these are the true test of friendship. It is easy to be friends when you're sharing good times and fun. However, when the friendship is challenged you may be tempted to get up and leave. This is when the integrity of the friendship is challenged. You may feel afraid to trust and share your deepest secrets. Friendship is not for the weak of heart. True friendship takes strength.

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Poem To A Friend In Need
  • By Demisha Ramirez
This Girl

There is this girl I know, she walks with such grace.
Every time I see her, she has a smile on her face.

But there is pain in her eyes, and I can tell something isn't right.
Her life isn't what she thought it'd be, but she put up a great fight.

She seems so very distant, and I can tell she's not all there.
I can't stand seeing her like this, I know her life is full of despair.

She feels so alone, and her life is like a pop quiz.
But what this girl doesn't realize is how beautiful she truly is...


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This poem makes me think of my best friend who has gone through a lot in her life. She's really awesome for not doing something really stupid, like I might have.

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