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To be a true friend takes a lot of strength. There will be times when you will question why you ever got involved with this person. Times like these are the true test of friendship. It is easy to be friends when you're sharing good times and fun. However, when the friendship is challenged you may be tempted to get up and leave. This is when the integrity of the friendship is challenged. You may feel afraid to trust and share your deepest secrets. Friendship is not for the weak of heart. True friendship takes strength.


Three Friends
  • By Shometsu Raitoningu
  • Published: July 2012
Three Saviors

Before I met you,
I was filled with an eternal darkness, forever hating.
It was all I knew...
but alas, I lay there... waiting

For the ones who would truly care,
The ones who would actually be fair,
Who wouldn't run when my fangs would be bared.

So this is a little rhyme I came up with,
while playing in my head; a low riff.
And it's for you,
because you knew.

You knew my pain,
and you'd stand with me in the harsh rain,
even when I became insane.

So thank you, for letting me have a good start,
For letting me show you my art,
For not trying to dart,
Because you hold 1/3 of my heart.



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Really nice poem. I hope that your friends see this poem. I think they would be really glad that you wrote this poem and dedicated it to them.

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