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My mother Marianne Griffith

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© Heather Griffith

December 2008

A Different Kind Of Hero

A hero to me is not just a person who died for their country or went inside a burning building or stuff like that.
A hero to me is a single mother who survives everyday by herself.
A teenager against all odds getting through life.
An alcoholic walking into a rehab center.
A father being not just a father but a friend, a caregiver, supporter, a brick wall for his kids.
A friend who no matter what or how wrong you are standing up for you and taking your side. A hero who no matter how hard they are being hit or pushed or beat down,
no matter how bad they are emotionally or physically or psychologically they stand up and keep going.
They push through the pain of life, love, kids, work, school, drugs, sports, parents, heartbreak, alcohol, that to me is a hero.
A person who isn't just there, but is there living, breathing, and surviving.


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