Broken Friendship Poem

Poem About A Broken Friendship

When the person that you've known has betrayed him or herself, the time may come to make a painful decision. It may mean the end of your friendship.

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I can relate so much to this poem, my heart is falling into pieces as I type this. My friendship was true, my loyalty was real, but I guess that wasn't good enough for her. The hardest part …

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© Jessica A. Phillipi

Published: Nov 2007

This Is Our End

You can stand there and smile you can sit there and laugh
but you can't trick me I know it's a mask
You're trying to lie to me and everyone else
but why is it that you're lying to yourself?
You can calmly sit there and try to look cool
but I know your emotions and I know you're a fool
I know inside you you're feelings rage
The suspense builds with the turn of a page
By day you're one person by night another
and neither of them have anything to do with each other
I've watched you sink farther from your heart
and all of this just tears me apart
I sit here and cry, for you not for me
What you've become I wish you could see
No words could I use to help me explain
what it does to me to see you in pain
You're not there anymore my dearest friend
I hate to say this but this is our end


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  • by Ray, Prunedale:Ca
  • 12/4/2014

I can relate so much to this poem, my heart is falling into pieces as I type this. My friendship was true, my loyalty was real, but I guess that wasn't good enough for her. The hardest part about it is accepting that my friendship never meant anything to her. The sad part that makes me cry, is now I hate her.


  • by Lilly
  • 7/5/2014

I look at this and think of my BFF I think how she is ending our friendship and I have know her for over 5 years and now through the toughest times for me she is ending it.


  • by Al Safa Street
  • 5/24/2014

This is really what I want and I haven't cried once but for the first time I cried from this poem. This is a poem which everyone wants if they are like me, like this poem cause it's real.


  • by Deborah
  • 2/7/2014

This poem seemed like it was meant for me. My dad slipped away because of disease. Our friendship was gone, but he had no control. I lost my dad and my best friend at the same time. Then we lost our dad to death, because of the horrible disease that robbed us of him.


  • by Amaya, Orlando, Fl
  • Nov 2013

This is how I felt after the new girl moved in my neighborhood. My "best" friend changed too much she always was tired or too busy to play.


  • by Clarice, Chicago
  • Oct 2013

I had a fake friend and she was troubling me so badly. When I was reading this poem, it had brought back the memory with her. This poem really relates to me, and it's quite sad to read it.


  • by Laura, Riverside, CA
  • Apr 2013

This poem is--for lack of a better word--amazeballs. I teared up a little bit. It's so relatable, and it tears at the heartstrings. You, my friend, deserve an award.


  • by New York
  • Jan 2013

I don't know what happened... my best friend in the whole world had betrayed me and told everyone my secrets out of the blue. Eventually she started telling lies about me. The rumors spread around the school getting worse and worse to the point that the principle had thrown me out of school. I have moved 2 times. She followed me the first time, and I called the cops, but she had lied her way out of it... She is harassing me and she betrayed me. I now trust no one. What she did was crazy... This poem is a mirror of how I feel.... I wonder if I can ever learn to trust. Please help.


  • by Kanchi Bansal
  • Jan 2013

It's a very emotional and a heart touching poem. It shows the anger and care about one friend to another .


  • by Amanda, California
  • Nov 2012

This is a great poem because I had a best friend that I loved and cared for like she was my sister we were best friends for six years yet, one day she left me for another girl. That girl left her. After a while she didn't have anyone left to be her friend so, she went to another school. Now I don't know anything about her like we were never best friends but, I wish her the best because now I know whom I trust.


  • by Jakob, California
  • Nov 2012

This is an amazing poem, it perfectly describes a loss of friendship that I have recently had, thank you for this beautiful work of words.


  • by Mike Markelo
  • Oct 2012

I had a friend we were great friends then all of a sudden she just ignores me and pretends that I am not there it kills me to think that we might never be friends again.<3


  • by Allysa, USA
  • Sep 2012

I had a best friend and she's changed so much. It hurts my heart to tell her I can't be friends because I'm afraid what she might become again or what she might do.. Everyday I see her, I can tell she cries at night.. Her eyes always puffy and I just feel bad, but things happen for a reason. I read this poem and I tried my hardest not to cry, but I couldn't help it. This is exactly what I feel is going on..


  • by Cacey, USA
  • Sep 2012

I Love This Poem! It explains everything, my friend and I are fighting and I don't think we will be friends again. She lies a lot. she thinks I'm the one lying. I wish she knew the truth.


  • by Joan, Cagayan Manila, Philippines
  • May 2012

She's not only a best friend to me but a sister and a part of may family, I sacrifice a lot for her just to save our friendship for more than 4 years but still she give up on me. She better choose to end our friendship than to fix our misunderstanding, I felt so hurt and cried. I was able to please her but nothing happen, she just keep on sending me a group message that it seems I'm the one who committed wrong and mistakes. Now I'm trying to move on cause I know she is happy with her new friends and her boyfriend.


  • by Jordan Ntoka
  • Jan 2012

I have been going a lot this month with my friendship falling apart it's just not easy to let go of someone who has been such a huge part of my life.


  • by Dallas Tx
  • Jan 2012

She was more then my bestfriend she was like the sister I never had. I told her everything. Out of the blue she just stopped talking to me no explanation NOTHING it's been over a year since. I lost my bestfriend and sister. No one can replace that empty space I feel inside. I cried for months. How can to best friends go from best friends to strangers HOW?


  • by Anna, Minnesota
  • Dec 2011

This is exactly how I feel I cry every night for her because she doesn't understand that she is hurting herself more than anyone else and I just can't let her go.


  • by Javier, Miramar,Fl
  • Nov 2011

Today I made one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make in my life. I had to make the choice of letting my bestfriend go. The pain I feel I would not wish on my greatest enemy. A pain I can only compare to an elderly person losing their life long partner. 10 years of friendship to be forgotten as if it never was. I love you Sarai and I always will I just wish you didn't have to be the way you are. What happened to the girl I met in high school? The girl whose eyes took my breath away. The girl who's smile weakened my knees. The girl who's voice made the butterflies in my stomach go totally insane. My first love.... My queen.... And now just my most painful memory...


This is really true... It's like watching my situation in the mirror through words. my best friend isn't talking to me, and I don't even know the reason... I can't tell him my feelings as I know that he won't answer to that at all, and that would hurt me much more. I hope he returns or just that I get to know my fault so that I can tell him that I don't mean to hurt him in anyways and tell him sorry!


  • by Nancy, Sudbury
  • Sep 2011

I can't believe how this poem relates to what I am feeling but not only to see their pain and denial but my pain as well


  • by Annabelle, Illinois
  • Jun 2011

I just realized the man I cared deeply for had been unfaithful. He was not only my love but my absolute best friend. I lost both... but I know I am better off and will be happy again even though I am suffering from desperate sadness now.


  • by Victoria, Riverside CA
  • Apr 2011

I read this and cried..... its like it was written for me and what I am going through.......


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