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A Second Chance In Life

My name is Kate Ogdenski and I like to write poems. I base my poems on my family, facts, opinions, passions, and how I feel. I can write about anything you want. I do research if necessary. I love to write.

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On Friday my brother is having his bladder, rectum and prostate removed. …

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© Kate Ogdenski

Published: May 2011

Troubles Of Life

Life may be hard,
and life may be cruel,
But people beware,
'cause your no fool.
You make hard decisions,
and have many fights,
You make few wrongs,
but you make more rights.
Life is not easy,
and it's sure not fair,
But hopefully it's bearable,
knowing I'm there.
You have lack in your faith,
and fear in your heart,
Of what's been decided,
and you've no part.
But your strong people,
and you make your own path,
Your worries will end,
and you'll suffer no wrath.
Your path is your own,
and yours alone,
You've been given a second chance,
smile and bring cheer,
And dance a happy dance.


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  • by Cathy
  • Jun 2013

On Friday my brother is having his bladder, rectum and prostate removed. Due to advanced cancer. The only comfort for me was to write a poem for him. Dear bro If the face of death is looking at you. Could you tell it you're not quite ready yet. Please stay alive for me. I Hope my brother FIGHTS to stay. To see another day and stay with me. Heartbroken Cathy


  • by Sara Haidar
  • Apr 2012

This poem had make me strong and it gives me hope to fight my disease


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