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I started writing this poem after reading a story of similar kind but.....while I was writing I imagined a whole lot more than that....regarding life and death so I drove it the other way...I started out with the last two lines in my mind...I knew they would suit the poem better at last....it's a poem out of imagination and nothing else..also I never thought of publishing it online but now I am!

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Whoa! That was a nice one. Full of imagery. I could feel that very storm …

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© Iqbal Singh Sidhu

Published: Jun 2011

A Storm In Sea

The silence grew,
No wind Flew,
A roar boasted all my ties,
And I saw a mighty wave rise,
Tall tough and giant it seemed,
All those nightmares redeemed,
I was doomed of my fate,
Never had I been so late,
To know my evil and my curse,
''The mast had fell I observe,''
Said I to no one else,
For there was only me and myself,
The wave then stuck a mighty blow,
And I was tossed a deck below,
Fury did the waters throw,
The deck shattered by mighty plough,
Of the wind not so slow,
My fate was written on the wave,
Accepting death as I was naive,
Little had I known my life,
Where good and bad did strife,
Nobody won but a battle lost,
To escape the fury,
It was the cost,
I was ready to pay it all,
To the wave standing tough and tall,
A ray of light then crawled out,
From the heavens whom I doubt,
The truth saved me out of lies,


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  • by Timothy O. Okpara, Nigeria
  • Feb 2012

Whoa! That was a nice one. Full of imagery. I could feel that very storm in the sea. I could feel the dark night of that very lonely sailor's life at stake. My mind soared up and down and this way and that way as I behold the said rising and falling fury of the sea. I never even say the ray, that spark of heaven until the poet pointed same out; that was the turning point. I now imagine how unputdownable the book that fired the poets imagination might have been. Its a goodly oceanic piece telling all not to give up on each and every trouble for the answer is thereby attached.


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