Beauty of Nature Poems

Life and nature are similar concepts because nature is the study of how life acts and interacts within the circle of existence. When we take the time to examine the beauty of the world around us, we are able to see parallels within our own lives. One who is attuned with nature is attuned with the practice of living. All of nature moves in a spiral as do our personal lives. It is important to spend time in nature because in this way we can become attuned to its wisdom.

Poems on Nature and Beauty

How Beautiful Is Nature!

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Nature's Way
By Heidi Campbell
Recommended For Students
Upon a nice mid-spring day,
Let's take a look at Nature's way,
Breathe the scent of nice fresh air,
Feel the breeze within your hair.
The grass will poke between your toes,
Smell the ..........
Votes: 64,  Rating: 4.13
Poem About The Power Of A Storm At Sea
Recommended For Students
CRASHING waves... SMASHING seas...
Bringing sailors to their knees.
As they struggle to save their lives
Hoping and praying, help arrives.

The stormy seas as dark as coal, ..........
Votes: 218,  Rating: 4.08 , 1 Story
My Wooded World
By Sheila Visingardi
Recommended For Students
As a child, I would sit and ponder,
at the wooded areas, for their beauty relaxed me.
The sway of the branches and whistling of the winds,
as if they were calling my name.

Then as I ..........
Votes: 52,  Rating: 3.98
Our Mother Earth
By Shweta Banerjee
As I walk across the earth,
thousands of things I get to see.
Birds fly high, soaring higher,
and on the flowers I hear the buzz of bees.

The sun at the dawn, rises within the ..........
Votes: 188,  Rating: 3.95
A Place Like This
By Milo Shumpert
It is an early morning
I need an island in the sea,
Away from you away from me,
Beyond the waves beyond the wind,
Beyond the world that we live in,
Under skies of shining ..........
Votes: 16,  Rating: 3.88
The Sky
By Chelsea Poshni
Have you seen the Sunset and Sunrise
And the Horizon that's a prize
How the colors mix and melt
And look as soft as felt
How they float away into black
As you wish them back
And ..........
Votes: 140,  Rating: 3.79
Watching The Rain
Rain glorious pounding soaking rain
How I love to hear your song
Drowning my world in your torrential downpour
I sit here and contemplate your frenzy dance moves upon my window panes ..........
Votes: 87,  Rating: 3.79
Natural Life
By Miranda A.
Take a moment to notice
The beauty of the trees.
Sit and take a look
At the dancing leaves.
Note the little child
Laughing, playing with a toy.
Always so full of ..........
Votes: 227,  Rating: 3.78
The Countryside
Deep into the wood where the Bluebells grow
Next to them the wild garlic will show
An old oak creeks with a century of age
With brand new shoots and the sun they crave
A crystal clear ..........
Votes: 32,  Rating: 3.78
Footprints In The Sand
By Peyton
Footprints in the sand
Stay for a minute
Before the waves lift them
Into the unforgiving sea
Leaving you there
That they would stay for a
Slight ..........
Votes: 39,  Rating: 3.72
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Beauty of Nature Poems 1-10 of 13    
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