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What is the true state of the environment. You have the politicians on the left telling you that there is undeniable evidence of global warming. Thousands of species become extinct every day because we are cutting down the rain forests. All around the earth, environmentalists are pointing out devastation. On the other hand those on the right would have us believe that the earth is perfectly fine. They say that all of the changes that the earth is going through are perfectly OK and that we have nothing to worry about. Who is right?

Poems about Pollution and Conservation


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Poem About Environmental Preservation

The sands of time have rendered fear
Blue skies on high no longer clear
Stars were bright whence they came
Now dimmed, obscured, pollution's haze

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I'm very happy and moved by this poem. Hope everyone read and understand the internal meaning of the poem.

Helping Nature Like Baking A Cake
Baking A Forest

Sprinkle a few seeds on the cupcake,
add a few bushes, pines, and red woods for health's sake.
Let the twigs fall, don't clean up the leaves,
for if we do nature would not be pleased.

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The sisters at St Clara's Orphanage made a great impact on my life, I was brought there in 1941 at the age of six. I was born with two genetic defects. eye sight and hearing. Sister Gloria...

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Poem About The Earth's Future
  • By David
  • Published: May 2015
Nature's Law

The waves are rolling toward the shore.

A silent world - An empty core,
Lifeless land with nothing more.

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Poem Comparing Life Stages To A Tree
  • By Poorvi Anchalia
  • Published: July 2015
A Tree

I enter the earth as a small plant
Tiny and helpless like an infant
Then I grow up and become as active
As a school child

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Poem On Pollution
  • By Josie Greveling
  • Published: December 2008
Look Outside

Look outside, see the trees
Watch the flowers in the breeze
Things won't be like this in a year or two
If polluting is all we do

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Amazing poem! I'm also a poet but not as good as you.

Poem About Treating The Earth Poorly
  • By Joshua Isham
  • Published: May 2008
Our Mother Earth

This Mother Earth,
Who gives us life;
This Mother Earth,
Heart filled with strife,

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This poem gives us a lot of knowledge about our motherland. It tells us that we should take care of it. It has given us so much. Now it is our time to do something good in return. I am really...

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Poem About Environmental Marine Life Conservation
Seagull's Cry

Waves crashing high
Against the ship's hull
The wind blows, a nouveau
Realization seeps in.

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Poem About Destruction Of Earth
Awareness About Our Environment

Broken bottles and charred pieces of glass
Wadded up newspapers tossed on the grass
Pouring of concrete and tearing out trees
This is the environment that surrounds me?

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This poem is really amazing, totally cool it's really is inspiring .. I will be writing it on my competition tomorrow! Thank you!

Mother Nature


Our world is always changing,
Constantly rearranging.
From ocean depths to mountain peaks,
Mother Nature moves and speaks.

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Its an amazing poem I recite it in my class for an assignment and I got good marks for this poem. Thanks for writing such a beautiful poem thanks a lot.

  • By Marie Negus
  • Published: May 2008
I Am Dying

I am the Earth.
Mother of them all.
I'm getting hotter and hotter each day,
I just want to lay and rest.

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This is so beautiful! I love how much anger you can fit into one little poem! :)Love It!!!! :D


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