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Winter has very few redeeming qualities. Many animals find that the best thing to do is simply sleep through it. Studies show that human beings sleep more during the winter months as well. One of the few redeeming qualities of winter is snow. There are few things more magical then looking out the window from your house and discovering those first flurries gently falling to the ground. When the snow builds up outside our houses it envelops us in a warm cocoon. The time has come to put on your warm slippers, a cozy blanket, and curl up with some hot chocolate.

Nature Poems about Snow

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Snow Day
By Sam D
Snow is falling to the ground
Piling up in enormous mounds
School is cancelled for the day
Children run outside to play

Snowballs are thrown in the air
No one has any ..........
Votes: 282,  Rating: 4.16
Winter, Winter
Winter, Winter
can you see?
You mean a whole
lot to me!

Winter, Winter
do you know?
I love the fluffy
pure white snow!

Winter, Winter
you're turning snow into ..........
Votes: 68,  Rating: 3.94 , 1 Story
A Winter Surprise
By Jocelyn Larrabee
The lakes are covered with ice;
Our trees are full with frost.
It seems as a good nice winter,
but one thing, one thing is lost.

~The Snow-The Snow-The Snow!

The fireplace is a ..........
Votes: 19,  Rating: 3.79
The First Snow
By Jason Williams
Everything gets covered,
As the powder falls down.
The snow seems to be discovered,
As kids start to leave town.

The rushing and running,
As kids go out and play.
Just to view ..........
Votes: 45,  Rating: 3.73
Snow Dream
By Ellen Pond
I feel wet snow
on my cold, dry skin
As the darkness falls
to settle in.
The stars shine bright
to lead my way
Through tall, snow covered trees
which bend and sway.
I ..........
Votes: 76,  Rating: 3.71
Souls Connecting, Touched by Snow
A small girl on a frozen pond… skates in hand.
A small pond… trees near by… snow is falling.
A bench to put on her skates.
A twinkle in her eye.

Touched by the wind on her ..........
Votes: 6,  Rating: 3.67
Short Poem About Snowflakes On Christmas
By Nina Lin
So pure, so white, the most beautiful creation
Words cannot describe this sensation
Delicacy of this one tiny flake,
Will eventually fall and only break
This unique one of a kind,
Will ..........
Votes: 39,  Rating: 3.62
Snowy Owls ..X
By Hayley
Sleeping softly through the day ,
Never making a sound.
Only seeming to wake up ,
When the sun goes down ,
that is when
Young snowy owls come out to play.
Opening its eyes , ..........
Votes: 28,  Rating: 3.46
Pure White Death
By Raven
I died in pure pure white snow
Icy hands
Icy toes
Frozen tear decorated my cheeks,
Like crystal clear beads
Always cold
Always alone
Votes: 32,  Rating: 3.28
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