Ocean Poems

Three quarters of the earth's surface is covered by water. The ocean conceals billions of creatures interacting in ways that we will never fully understand. Much of the ocean is mysterious. We cruise along on boats on the ocean's surface, and sit on beaches watching the ocean's surf meet the land. One of the great things about the ocean is that we cannot build on it. It will remain a vast open space perfect for contemplation.

Nature Poems about Oceans

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Poem Painting A Picture Of The Beach

I picked up a brush
and 80 bucks worth of paint
after a few tries, I know
that kind of artist I ain't

So I will paint a picture
in your head
with the words
that I write instead

I'll start with the sky...
use your imagination
blue, blue like
the first day of summer vacation

Next is the grass
tall and green
the breeze makes it wave
and the sun makes it sheen

Just beyond the grass
are the sand dunes
and just above that
a seagull looms

The air is sweet
with the scent of the ocean
and the coconut in my suntan lotion

The sun is warn
and bright
I have to squint to see
that little boy's kite

I crest the dune
and there is the sea
the waves crash and foam
and softly roar at me

I wade in, it is quite cold
now let's sign this in the sand
where the waves hit the shore
and sea meets the air and the land

Now step back and look
what a wonderful view
and the canvas can go wherever
because it is in you



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This poem is absolutely amazing. I'm actually going to be reading it at my school's poem recital competition.

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