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The animal kingdom is filled with almost an infinite variety of creatures. Scientists discover new species and sub species every year. Each one is a wonder onto itself and one could labor for years to uncover its secrets. It is an unfortunate fact that the closest that most of us get to wildlife is through bars at the zoo. Our urban lifestyle has the effect of cutting us off from the glorious world of the animal kingdom. Every animal has a lesson to teach us that we are not hearing. We may think that we have evolved away from contact with animal kingdom, the question is, at what cost?

Nature Poems about Animals

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  • by Chelsie Woodhead
  • Published: 9/28/2008
Whales: An Innocent Death

As the gentle giants swim through the sea,
Not expecting a thing,
A sharp metal object is heading their way,
And they feel a sharp sting.

They don't know what happened,
But they …

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Good...I agreed with STOP WHALING... not only whaling, I think all sea mammals should not be caught at all...


  • by Sarah Zylstra
  • Published: 6/23/2014
Poem About Butterflies, A Butterfly Life

As the caterpillar sleeps inside its cocoon
Like a baby wrapped in her blanket
She waits and waits until she blooms
Into a beautiful new life
With wings of deep sapphire blue
She …

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Are There Pawprints In Heaven?

I hear of a place that is made of gold,
a place where we shall never grow old,
But one answer I have not heard at all,
will there be paw prints from my little dog?
He promised us joy …

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I lost my Jay on 4-24-2014 at 10:05 pm my house is not the same, my heart has an empty spot in it. I MISS HIM SO MUCH. Thank You for this web page my Dog was ALL OF THAT

  • by Antonia Armstrong
  • Published: 3/20/2013
Ant Flying Day

With Unlocked eyes
and finally sure of her status,
she scrambles alongside the ones,
who've spent their days waiting
for this nuptial flight,
for this self excavation,
for the …

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Tiger Dance

Sleek, slender, cracking whip
dip, arch, circle,
agile, quick, deceitfully frail,
Is the delicate Art of the tiger Tail

Sharp, focused, all seeing orbs
dart, stalk, …

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  • by Nicoletta Gilbertson
  • Published: 6/23/2014
Poem About Birds, Flight

What an odd little thing,
to open your wings,
and fly.

How is it so,
friend or foe,
birds can lift their wings,
and fly.

Wind pushes them back.
Dust bites in their …

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The Eagle Soars

Our American Bald Eagle stands bold and proud
Representing our nation's liberty,
Soaring effortlessly above the shores
Peering down at the majestic sea.

Its wings caress …

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I was born one day to the sunny sky;
The light was quite a surprise.
My mother fed me and kept me warm,
While I was small in size.

I had a brother, close to my age,
To play with …

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  • by Deanna L. Seiden
  • Published: 10/14/2007
Horse and Rider Poem, The Lift

Hoofed feet steadily pound the ground,
furred perked ears carefully swivel round and round.
The wind whips by, masking any distracting sound.

A braided tail sways in the breeze,
the …

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