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The only person I can trust sadly is my 7th grade science teacher. I feel alone but I know that someone out there MUST talk to one of there teachers too. So this is a poem for all of you out there that talk to your teachers about personal stuff.

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Hi Darby, I am going through the exact same thing you are right now, …

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Published: Apr 2009

A Teacher Like You

I have had nowhere to turn
I had a lot to learn
not just about math science and English
about life

But you listen and never told
I have never known what that felt like before
I remember when I would sit and sob on the floor
Then you came and guided me

Too bad this is my last year at this school
Seems just like yesterday I walked into your 7th grade class
Boy that was a blast
Too bad walking down the hall will be my last

But now I'm going to 9th grade
going to a whole new school
But I will always keep that simple rule
live your life

but when I walk into that brand new place
I always remember your sweet smiling face
the face that gave me strength and courage
to keep going keep moving don't let anything stop me

I hope this doesn't mean that we can never talk
I hope we keep in touch
so I won't end up alone
sitting on the floor again
and all I could do was moan

So thank you for being my friend
I am so sad that our trust may have to end


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Callie, Kansas
  • Jun 2010

Hi Darby,

I am going through the exact same thing you are right now, My seventh grade language arts teacher is like my best friend. It is really hard because I am going to high school next year, I cried for 3 hours after school because I didn't want to leave her, I was a mess. I am still really upset right now. I tell her everything, I tell her more then I tell my mother! I love her so much, and I know that it will be really hard to keep close to her. Which is really upsetting. I try my hardest to stay in touch, it's just not the same... but I plan to come back and teach with her at the same school. Your poem really touched my heart, so much that I showed it to her. Thank you so much.


  • by Jesse
  • Sep 2009

I know what it feels like to trust a teacher whom I have talked to for 3 years. She is the best and gives me advice which I try to take. Its not easy when you have a best friend and not telling anything to. I trust my friend with my life and everything I say, but do they trust me with their life and everything they say to me? I don't expect the teacher to trust me with her life, but I do respect her a lot.


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