Dad Poem by Teens

Poem About Father Breaking Daughter's Spirit

An eleven year old girl pours out what her "father" did to her, also saying what she thinks of him...

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© Sarah R.Ramsey more by Sarah R.Ramsey

Published on April 2008


You broke my trust for you
Just as you broke your promises
You broke my love for you
Just as you can break a twig
You smashed my heart into a million pieces
Just as you can give a shirt a thousand creases
So now you got me broken inside
Sometimes now I just want to hide
You never cared for me that's why I feel broken
And you know that I'm not at all joking
You never loved me
That's why I'm choking up with tears
You never listened to me
It's like you didn't have ears
Your heart is cold; it's always been pitch black
And now you made my heart have a huge crack
Whenever I stood up
You shoved me back down
You always acted like I wasn't around
And when I had the guts to say something
You only ignored me
That's why sunshine
Is something you'll never see
That's also why you'll never be
Like a father to me
Whenever I spoke up you hushed me
Whenever I told you something you shushed me
That's why I'm leaving you behind
But unfortunately only in my mind


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