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Anger is a human emotion that we all feel at one time or another. It is not the feeling that is problematic, rather it is our lack of knowledge of how to express anger which leads to so much sadness. In a family unit there is bound to be many times when one member is angry at another. How the individual chooses to express this feeling makes all the difference. When anger is repressed it tends to leak out into all aspects of the relationship. Learning how to communicate effectively when you feel angry with another is the key to happy relationships.

Poems Expressing Anger

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  • by Katrina Randklev
  • Published: 2/19/2011
Poem About a Miserable Life, Dear Mom

Standing in self-hatred,
drowning in my tears.
Looking back on my life,
what I've been through the past 18 years.
Living in my brother's shadow,
everything I do and say,
wishing …

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This poem deeply touched me, because I can completely relate to it. I have always lived in my brother's shadow, and most times, I wonder if my mom ever even cares or listens to me. This poem, despite …

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  • by Krystal A. Bayer
  • Published: 2/15/2006
Poem By Child Betrayed By His Mother, Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
You said you'd always be there
But you're nowhere to be found
I can't believe you left me
I feel so low beneath the ground

There's nothing I can do now
I trusted you …

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This really got to me, I'm 15 and my mom left me when I was 18 months I struggle everyday thinking about it but this poem explains everything I'm feeling it really brought tears to my eyes.


  • by Allyssa
  • Published: 11/18/2009
Poem About Things a Father Missed Out On, Always My Father But Never My Dad

I'm sorry you missed out when I went to school for the 1st time,
And you didn't have me tell you that you were all mine,
I'm sorry you weren't there to take me to the mall,
And you weren't …

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My father left my brother, sister and I when we were small children. Our mother raised us best she could. She was busy working to put food on the table for us. This affected my brother the most, out …

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  • by Taryn
  • Published: 4/22/2009
Poem About Broken Relationship With Mom, How Do You Call Yourself A Mom?

Looking in your eyes
Tells me something's wrong
Never began to realize
You've neglected for so long.

It seems you're never there
You never really try
And every time I want to be …

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OMG!!! My mom is JUST like this. Only she pays attention to my sister and favors her. It made me cry when I thought about how true this is with my mom. She won't even listen to me when I tell her I'm …

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Not Getting Love From Mother, I Needed You

When I was sad and depressed,
I needed you to be cheer me up.
Instead I drank till I was numb enough not to feel anything.

When everyone was attacking me and putting me down, making me …

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I cried so much after reading this poem and the comments. My parents hardly ever show me that they love me. I know deep down that they do but it just never felt like it. When I was in preschool they …

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  • by Carlee L. Ranger
  • Published: 2/15/2006
Daddy No Longer Wants His Little Girl Poem, Daddy Told Me

I was told I was living a lie
I was told don't bother to cry
I was told they no longer did care
I was told I love you, they did not dare

I was told I am a bad role model for my sister …

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Great story. I always felt like this. But not from my dad. But from my mom. Sorry for the wrong spelling guys. Here, let me fix it: Mom - Living Hell Much better. :)

  • by Jessica Farley
  • Published: 2/15/2006
Poem About a Father Leaving, My Father Left Me Behind

Leaving behind others to take your place,
Carrying on your name, walking around with your face,
Knowing you got left behind,
Wondering what's on my father's mind.
He didn't even think to …

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I'm not sure why the adult children of divorced parents are so devastated in these writings but the split has nothing to do with the child, don't you people know that your parents are HUMAN, and …

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  • by Nita
  • Published: 11/13/2007
The Abuse Will Stop

Why do you do this to her?
Why do you make her cry and hide her fears so deep inside?
Is she not beautiful enough or does she not have enough wit or charm?
Why is that you make her feel …

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you seem so hurt by the way you are expressing your emotions. it seems your family hasn't had an easy life and I deeply feel for you and your family. this poem is amazing you should really do some …

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  • by Jack Mcifco
  • Published: 7/21/2008
I'm Not Like You

You are blind
You can never see
All the anger built up in me
I hated life
I wanted out
You didn't care
You would just shout

I felt so alone
Thought I didn't need …

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Love this poem. It speaks what I want to but can't because I'm in emotional bondage.

Poem About Bad Parents, Tell Me

Tell me how to love someone
who doesn't love me back.

Tell me how to respect someone
who doesn't deserve my respect.

Tell me how to trust someone
who betrayed me so …

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I so agree with this poem as I feel the same way with my family, you really displayed how family can be hypocrites! Well done!

Anger Poetry 1-10 of 28

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