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I wrote this for a guy I like :) and also how I want to feel when I fall in love :)

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In love with a boy that I can't yet call mine but hopefully will be able to one day. This poem explains my thoughts perfectly.

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Did You Know? How You Make Me Feel?

© Noelle

Published on December 2013

Dear You,
Just so we're clear
there's a reason why you're here
you are here so I can have
the greatest gift and I'm so glad

But just so you know
I want you to see
how much you truly mean to me

Let's see how should I start?
First, let's talk about the way you affected my heart
I can't think straight when you are near
For I am blinded with fear

The fear of you finding out
what I'm trying so hard to hide
my feelings for you,
are staying locked up on the inside

Sometimes you make me want to sing
sometimes you make me want to shout
all I know is
when you're around
I get butterflies

I wonder how you feel
if anything I'm feeling is real
or is this all a dream?
Please God, put me out of my misery

Because surely I must be dreaming
because, you are a dream
of perfection in every way

The way I feel about you,
I cannot even begin to say

Are roses always red?
And do violets have to be blue?
But the one true thing I know,
is that

I'm in love with you

not because of your looks
even though that's partly it
I love you for what's inside
and hopefully one day, you'll be all mine!


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  • by Anonymous
  • 2 months ago

In love with a boy that I can't yet call mine but hopefully will be able to one day. This poem explains my thoughts perfectly.

  • by Ify Silvar
  • 1 year ago

I am 23 years old. I'm what you would call a hot and attractive hunk......but this wasn't the story when I was way younger. There was this black beauty I had my eyes for, for ages She was my bench mate. I could tell she was into me too but I was too shy to bring up that discussion. By the time I got the courage to tell her, she was chummy with my arch-rival. It hurt cause she knew about the enmity between the both of us. I don't know if it was to spite me or something....just feel I was less shy, now I can't get her out of my head

  • by Gage Tetro
  • 2 years ago

In eighth grade, unlike my previous grades, I became a cool kid. I used to be the kid that was weird and... I guess you could say nerdy. All that all that changed eighth grade. I moved to Alabama. I got to present a whole new me. I became the cool, funny guy girls could lean on, not run away from, and I was always team captain. The only problem was that the girl I liked, no, more than liked, was at my old school. She had black-Brown hair, dark brown eyes and, well a big behind, let's leave it at that. She dated all through sixth and seventh so if I even ever had a chance, that blew it. I'm moving back, hoping to use this new me to my advantage.

  • by Alyssa Fajardo
  • 2 years ago

Hi, my story started when I was in grade 3. Back then I was too shy and my voice is very little. So, obviously, no one can hear me. We were in the middle of a morning routine that time and we were singing. After it my classmates accused me of not singing, but I was. Then, my seatmate, Joshua defended me and said that I was singing. Ever since that day I began to notice him more and more until...I fell in love. We weren't classmates starting grade 5 so I began to send him chocolates anonymously on Christmas and Valentines 'till I heard the worst news yet. He was in love with my BFF Bea and vice versa. Gosh, it still hurts...'till now in high school

  • by Cortlan Blakely
  • 2 years ago

Hello, my name is Cortlan and I've had a crush on a girl named Madison for 2 years now. The first day I noticed her was in 7th grade when she was presenting her project. About a week later on our walk to P.E. we were both alone in the hall and she asked if she could walk with me. Of course, I answered sure. We talked and talked and the only thing I could think about was how amazing she laughed and smiled at me when I told her a story. So many days were wasted just trying to "impress" her. The saddest fact for me was that I could not date until I was 16, and being 12 at that time... was not my happiest time. Madison was one of the prettiest and most "popular" girl in the 8th grade, and like every other cliche love story there is, I was the weird kid with no friends. After Christmas I realized I had to better myself and actually be a likeable person with friends. After that got taken care of, I did a weekly secret admirer note on her locker (with sweets attached). On the sixth one I put my number on the note. That night she texted me and asked if I was Cortlan. I promised her I would not lie. So the next day we both knew it, but she didn't really say much to me. On about one week before the last day of school, I took a poem from this site and modified it, then giving her the poem but she was quite silent toward me. On the last day the only thing I could say to her as she passed by was, "Goodbye Madison, I will really miss you". I realized at that moment... That was probably the last day I will ever "see" her...

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