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This poem is for my loving husband that I love and I everything to me in this world I'll never stop loving him no matter what...and that's why this poem is called always and forever I love you....because I know from deep inside my heart I love him so much..hope the people that read my poem touches there heart and I'll make more if I can..thanks for all who read my poem..

Forever And Always Love You

© Bree Sanchez
I met you and I saw such wonderful person
Then I became your best friend, and had a reason…a reason
That touched me and walked me through life with you…. I walked
And began to have these
Feelings, they were unexplainable and sealed my heart...
That I knew this friendship will never fall apart, and at that moment I said, "I know deep Inside me I will be with you forever”, as we go through ups and downs
We will always be strong together….you made me realize who I really am
And have showed me the right way…and I know I’ll do my everything to
Make our relationship stay...You’re my joy and my everything the heart to
keep me alive….I love you... Now and always and forever until I die.
Believe me when I say this but its true….. My love for you
Is everything……, without you I’m nothing and I don’t know what I would do without you, all I know is that my heart would be torn apart or may?
Cause me to do suicide and many crazy things…... and for that reason that
would make me have unpleasant feelings, you know I’m here for… as you are
for me…and I believe that you’ll never leave me or ever try to hurt me…you
do whatever to have a smile on my face and make me happy…and that I am
so thankful for being everything to me…I know sometimes I don’t know how
to return the way you are with me… but trust me I try my best to keep the
Stress from hurting me...I always hold it all inside and I’m sorry for what
I’ve done wrong I mean it deep inside…. I know my love for you is like a
song, a song that will always play for you...And doesn’t have any
regrets…and feels so lucky to have you…
And I always thank God every moment of my life…and like I said my love...
No matter what happens I'll always and forever love you till the end of time ɛ


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Published: Mar 2011

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  • I love this poem.. I can relate it with my boyfriend now.. I love him so much! he's my everything.... :)

    Jennylyn Lustina, Baguio City Submitted Nov 2011
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  • This poem is very sweet, it reminds me of someone who I love dearly and what we go through as time passes by. so to the person who wrote this, thanks alot...... :-)

    Little Cutiepie Submitted Jan 2013
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  • When I read this poem it made me think of what I put my boyfriend through and he still stuck by me....I love him dearly

    Sc Submitted 6/13/2013
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  • I love this poem so much because it reminds me of my boyfriend and me how much we love each other. My boyfriend almost told me the same thing in here that we will be together forever until we die and that he will never ever cheat on me and that I am his only love and he love me when he first saw me. Thanks for writing this poem I really love it so much:) :) love<3

    Yessica, Dallas Submitted 7/8/2013
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