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I am a teacher and I love what I do. April 17th I was sitting in a meeting, where we were being informed that cuts were coming, we would have less for our classrooms and that the number of students in each class would be raised. I just began thinking and the next thing I knew my poem was finished.

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I Am An Educator

© Jo Eaton

Published on July 2012

Give me less and expect more,
Increase the number of students-unscored
Yes, increase them to where they sit out the door
But I'll exceed...
I'm an Educator.

Give me less and expect more,
Test them, test them, and increase the score,
My soul, my heart I'll outpour
You see I am an educator.

No salary increase, less material to store,
Lesson plans and classes, don't be a bore,
Demands, deadlines-still they ask for more
I'll succeed. I'm an educator.

Furloughs, uncertainties like never before,
Bigger classes, less money, demands galore
Test scores, vouchers, merit pay, issues soar
I'll succeed; you see I'm an educator.



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