Divorce Poems

It is an unfortunate fact that divorce has become commonplace in our society. The pain and anguish this is created in a divorce has a ripple effect on the family unit. Often family members are confused as how to act around the now divorced couple. Children are often used as pawns between their father and mother. Each one may try to gain the upper hand in the battle for their children's affection. Getting divorced may be necessary in cases when a relationship cannot be salvaged. However, the couple should keep in mind that the entire family unit will be affected by a divorce.

Poems about Divorce

Divorce is Very Hard for Everyone Including Kids

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Poem About How Divorce Feels As A Dad Looking In, Spectator Dad
By David C
Life is hollow, a hole, dark and empty it seems.
Expelled, cast out from the family that meant all to me.
Feeling sorrow and heartache for my children am I and the loss of my wife, the first ..........
Votes: 16,  Rating: 4.81
Poem About Divorce Through The Eyes Of A Child
By Brianna K. Slone
When I was only two years old,
My daddy went away.
He swore he'd always love me,
But he said he couldn't stay.
Days turned into weeks
And weeks turned into years.
I never saw my ..........
Votes: 719,  Rating: 4.66 , 52 Stories
Questions, Through The Eyes Of A 6 Year Old Boy
By Adam T. Cumberbatch
Can you tuck me into bed mama?
Don't forget to kiss me goodnight.
Can you tell me a story mama,
Before you turn out the lights?

Can you kiss my forehead mama,
Like you used to do ..........
Votes: 200,  Rating: 4.61 , 7 Stories
Last Walk Down Memory Lane
As we sit here in silence, no longer husband and wife
I can't forget the vow I made to love you all my life...
Our last walk down memory lane fills my eyes with tears
As I find us walking ..........
Votes: 79,  Rating: 4.57 , 7 Stories
Good Bye Note
I never thought this day would come.
I truly thought you were the one.
We use to laugh and talk all night.
Now we argue, fuss, and fight.
All is wrong in things I do.
To take the ..........
Votes: 314,  Rating: 4.53 , 5 Stories
Not Your Little Girl
By Alex O
I was ten years old
when a fight one morning
destroyed my family
without even a warning.
I was young and dependent
and he was strong and wise
but little did I know
my Dad was ..........
Votes: 88,  Rating: 4.52 , 3 Stories
Why Mom?
By Gabriel P. Castillo
What started it? What really went wrong?
Was our family's love, not as strong?
It's hard to believe, my mother's the one who's gone
Every night I cry and think about what went wrong
I ..........
Votes: 124,  Rating: 4.51 , 1 Story
What Dad Missed Out On, Flowered Heart
By Maeghan P.
When you left me
I was too young to see
I was too young to tell
how much pain you would make my heart dwell

I cry almost every night
because I know my daddy won't be here ..........
Votes: 42,  Rating: 4.5 , 4 Stories
Losing Custody Of Child Poem, My Lost Love, My Lost Child
By Garrett W. Wheeler
I wonder what you're doing
and how you're living life
what new things did you learn today
and how did you sleep last night
did you feel raindrops on your face
or sunshine in your ..........
Votes: 307,  Rating: 4.48 , 21 Stories
Forever Love
Soft music
an innocent look.
Sweet romance,
as in a story book.

He stole her heart.
She fell in love.
Was this handsome stranger
sent from above?

As she walked down ..........
Votes: 17,  Rating: 4.47
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