Drug Abuse Poem

I Asked For Gods Forgiveness

Live above the influence not trying it is the best solution

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Published on August 2008

A Problem

A Problem is what I called it
On the streets is where it started

I never planned for it to go this far
I thought one hit would get me as a high as a star

But it left me wanting more
My lungs and chest is what became sore

I began to need it everyday
I was so scared I began to pray

Everyday I asked for Gods Forgiveness
I knew he was the only one to pull me away from this mess

I got so paranoid I thought he was putting me through a test
I was failing, I can't let the weed leaving my spirit resting

This can't be something I can't get over
It's time for me to remove the bird off my shoulder

I told myself it was time to stop
Ever since then I've climbed my way to the top

Now I'm everything I knew I could be
I'm more then just me.... I'm FREE!!


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