Addiction Poems about Family

When a family member becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it affects the whole family unit. No one is sure what to do or how to react. This is a often a time to practice tough love. Family members must be firm with the addict in order not to be guilty of becoming enablers for his or her addiction. When the addict reaches rock bottom, he may realize that it is his responsibility to rebuild his life. Now it is up to him claw his way out of the hole he has dug. His friends and family can either help or hinder his efforts.

Poems From Family Members Of Addicts. Sons, Daughters, Wives And Husbands

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Letter To Drug Dealer From Mother Of Young Addict
By Patricia Daly
A Letter To A Drug Dealer.

As you read this letter I want you to know the devastation that you have caused to families. Perhaps you're beyond caring, all you
see is the money you have made, ..........
Votes: 56,  Rating: 4.66 , 1 Story
Dad Is An Addict Poem, Because He Loves Cocaine
By Melissa Scott
I can see it in his eyes
when he comes creeping in.
He's been somewhere he promised me
he'd never go again.
He thinks that I won't know it.
He thinks that I can't tell.
But he ..........
Votes: 386,  Rating: 4.64 , 30 Stories
My Mother Vs. Meth
By Brittany
Most days I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs,
I want my mother back who is this monster you have become?

I really haven't known who you are for quite a while,
But I try to act ..........
Votes: 668,  Rating: 4.62 , 42 Stories
Husband and The Battle Of Addiction
By Julie
The words that have yet been spoken
the things I need to say.
To voice what's within my heart
I just can't find a way.

I've fought with my emotions
I've held them deep inside. ..........
Votes: 454,  Rating: 4.59 , 31 Stories
Please Stop Drinking, Mom
By Kayla S. Birdno
I smell the whiskey on your breath.
And you beg for me to put your temper to the test.
You slap me around, and call me names.
Mom, I'm sick of playing these games.

One day it's going ..........
Votes: 593,  Rating: 4.58 , 10 Stories
The Year Of The Dragon 1976
By Cheryl Chartier
Beautiful and bright was the Young Dragon.

Capable and caring,
Sensitive but strong,
The life of the Young Dragon
Couldn't go wrong.

Upright and steadfast,
Courageous with ..........
Votes: 261,  Rating: 4.58 , 11 Stories
I Never Asked You To Be My Dad
I never asked you to be my Dad,
To slap me around and treat me bad.
I never asked you to drink alcohol,
I never asked for anything at all.

I never asked for the hurt and pain,
Or ..........
Votes: 209,  Rating: 4.56 , 5 Stories
Killed by A Drunk Driver, Six Years Old Today
By Lareee
He would be 6 years old today, daddy's little man,
mama's little cuddle bug and Grammy's little ham.
I should be baking cake today, chocolate's what he'd crave.
Instead I'm buying flowers to ..........
Votes: 49,  Rating: 4.55 , 1 Story
Sister Addicted To Drugs Poem, What Happened?
By Angelita Alvarez
What happened is what I ask myself everyday.
What was she thinking knowing she'd be putting her life to waste.
This is my sister and I love her with all my heart,
But doing drugs has only ..........
Votes: 317,  Rating: 4.54 , 3 Stories
Teenager Killed By A Drunk Driver Poem, Red Light
He was the most loved with a million friends.
Football star with so many wins.
He had the cutest smile that you would ever see.
He was the funniest person that you would ever meet.
He had ..........
Votes: 224,  Rating: 4.53
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Addiction Poems about Family 1-10 of 64    
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