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This poem is dedicated to: Chris my ex-boyfriend that I would do absolutely anything for... Lawrence an ex-boyfriend that has turned out to be a great friend to me...

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I lost my bestfriend and my soulmate to drinking and drugs I didn't have …

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© Sami Johnson

Published: Nov 2007

Missing You So Much

As I lay here on my bed listening to everybody talking
my head is spinning with thoughts of you.
I hear your voice throughout the day
telling me you love me and that I'm the one for you.

Over and over again I hear your voice
and feel your arms wrapped around me
but when I look around you're not here.
I'm wishing you will realize soon that I do care.
Wishing and hoping that someday soon we will be together again.

I love you so much
and I miss seeing you everyday
and being next to you at night.
You never come to see me anymore
so I lay here in my bed crying
because I miss you so much and I love you to.

I wish I could see you like I use to
but you won't let that happen and neither will she.
I try to talk to you but you walk away.
Tears form in my eyes and I start to cry.
They say to forget about you but I don't know how.

I miss hearing you say that you love me.
I miss spending time with you everyday.
I can't seem to get you out of my head.
I love you baby and I miss you too.


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  • by Kathy, Lenoir, N.C.
  • Jan 2011

I lost my bestfriend and my soulmate to drinking and drugs I didn't have to be there for him but I loved him so much that I couldn't walk away. I watched him take his last breath and that was the worst thing that I ever had to do except watching my mother pass on. I love to read all kinds of poems. I love to get on this site. Its my fav. Kathy


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