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I had a friend in San Francisco and I loved the city so much when I went, I had a wonderful time. The city was just awesome, I lost that friend and I forgot the city when she and I stop speaking to each other. The story is about my loosing my best friend.

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The City

© Stefanie Moss

Published on September 2008

Purple ozone layers, thirst quenching the oranges and pinks settling in the West,
How could I forget the West,
San Francisco covered bridges and the trolleys in downtown busy city
Bay watchers and sleeping lagoons
Cream puff balls, sprinkled with blue crystals

Green pasture, people just grazing on the time
Sipping triple sec with a brim full of salt and
Laughing the day away, sun rises and we relax with
Mediterranean drinks served on Nob Hill
Cool breezes, peek a choos and zip a dew da's

Oh how could I forget the West Coast

Lined with a ring of mountains, climbing high over
Peaks , shinning on the top ice burgs as it
Flickers thru the dense fog, the kachina spirits lives on

As I remember in the background the North Bay on that cold
Ferry ride, I see to the North the golden aches reaching
Miles wide and only to see its true beauty when we sneak under it.

Oh how could I forget the City

Sitting on the dock of the bay
I hear the tune "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"
I still believe it still somewhere on the Coast of dreams


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