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I have a friend of 10 years. This poem so reflects all we have. I was …

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© Nicole Blaiser

Published: Nov 2007

Everlastingly Friendship

Over time we've developed something extraordinary,
That will last forever because we're both unordinary.
I used to think that friends were the people that you could laugh and talk to.
Now I know that, Friends will be with you every step of the way
No matter what people say
They make you happy when you are feeling down
They make you smile instead of frown.
Friends always accept your past,
Support your present
And encourage your future.
A friendship isn't an opportunity it's a sweet responsibility.


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  • by Carol, South Africa
  • Jan 2013

I have a friend of 10 years. This poem so reflects all we have. I was recently out at sea, stuck on a boat, miserable, sick and longing to get back home. I had booked an additional 2 nights in the city where the ship was to dock and fly home 2 days later - while on the ship I emailed my buddy telling her how homesick I was and wanted to cut my trip short - and so she did just that on my behalf - booked a flight, emailed me the details and made sure I was comforted in knowing I could fly home once the ship docked and not spend another 2 days away from home. This she did without hesitation! Our bond is extremely special
It is unique in it's own way, we have something irreplaceable and I lover her more and more each day.


  • by Ajala Mcgregor, Houston TX
  • Sep 2010

Even when your best friend says, "I don't like you, you make me sick" don't take it personal because they really don't mean it, they are just saying it out of anger.. So if your best friend has done something to you like that, just brush it off your shoulders and keep going because they don't mean it........... When your best friend is mad, ask them what is wrong? And can you help in any way? And if they say there answer with an attitude, then leave them alone .. And let them cool off


  • by Maddy, Caballero WI
  • Mar 2010

You'll always remember those great times with your best friend. Those times you laughed so hard, you cried. The one time you walked for hours just to talk. The many sleepovers you had every week. When you told secrets and kept them and didn't tell anyone about them because you were best friends. Never forget the times you smiled with them, even when you had fight. You'll get over it, and friends till the end! <3


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