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This is just a poem I wrote for my boyfriend of 8 months!

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To the person who wrote this poem; Please be careful. To love hard can …

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Published: Jul 2010

To My Love!

April 13th is the day
you asked me to be yours,
I had no idea you would
have the cure,

The cure to mend my broken
I don't even know where to

The past few months has been
absolutely great,
I am really starting to believe
this is fate,

We have had so many rough patches
in this short time,
But every time you called I would
turn on a dime,

I believe everything happens
for a reason

We met on aisle one and you talked
to me for the first time on aisle four,
I didn't know then you would have the key
to my hearts door,

The funny thing is we started as just
I promised I would be there until the

Things started getting more serious
You really cared so they would

I Loved you from the very
You promised me we would never

Everything was moving so
I was thinking go I really hope we

Now things are so much different
than before,
The touch of your hand just cuts me
to the core,

You're everything to me,
This I hope you can see,

I fall harder and harder
Baby, you have showed me the

The way love is supposed to
And that you really do love

You showed me that I deserve to be
treated right,
This feeling is one I just can't

I wake up every morning knowing you're
My Baby who's love is so

My love for you will never
The most wonderful thing we have

I Love you more than life itself,

I hope you know what I am saying is
And I will always be true to

I could spend the rest of my life with
I hope you see your future with me

I want you to know that you are absolutely
My heart keeps telling me that you are my soul

My love for you is stronger than
I feel that we are looking at forever,

No one falls in love by choice,
it is by chance,
No one stays in love by chance
it is by work,
No one falls out of love by chance,
it is by choice!


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  • by Draka
  • Oct 2010

To the person who wrote this poem;
Please be careful. To love hard can lead to falling hard. letting him be the center of your life can hurt you. People have flaws, and he has lots of potential to hurt you because you hold him like a life line.
Don't take this wrong! He may be everything that you are saying, just be careful. Don't let you love blind you, or you may regret it later.
May Jesus hold your life! He is the best of life!


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