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For several years, I buried my feelings for the sake not to feel. I focused on my daughter and career and forgot how it felt to love again. I met a wonderful man that showed me how to love and laugh again and even though we no longer speak due to different paths, I will never forget him and what he gave me and that was love.

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I had a friend from internet, I loved him so much, we were so close and …

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Published: Dec 2007

Love Will Come Again

People say love comes and goes...
I say let the truth be known...
We have several types of love;
for our children,
and friends,
but there is a gentle love
that I call my best friend.
I've been fortunate enough to love or I thought it was...
until I met a man that showed me what is a best friend.
He taught me how to laugh, cry,
and show me how it feels to have emotions again,
but some how life took over
and we said our good-byes,
but you see he gave me something I was missing
and that was me.
I thank my special friend
for I will never forget
how wonderful it was to be loved again.


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  • by Bian
  • Aug 2009

I had a friend from internet, I loved him so much, we were so close and all was great, but suddenly he left me, I am still missing him so much


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