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I couldn't have better friends. Thanks Clare, Sarah, John, Alayna, and Will. Especially Sarah and Clare, who encouraged my love for poetry.

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me and my best fight all the time over stupid stuff but we do make it …

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Published: Oct 2008

What Friends Do

Friends are there when you're feeling blue
And you're feeling down
Their there to make you smile
And to turn your frown around

They'll be there for your first date
And they'll be there for you to tell
And when that boy breaks your heart
She'll tell you its just as well

She's there for you
Throughout the years
To share the laughs
And to share the tears

She fights with you sometimes
But you always make it through
You can't stay mad at her
She means too much to you

So when you have a good friend
Remember to keep her nearby
Because the best thing you can have
Is a good friend by your side


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  • by jeana
  • Nov 2008

me and my best fight all the time over stupid stuff but we do make it through she wont let me tell her I love her though it creeps her out but I do love her like a sister , like a best friend she's there through good times and bad I've never known anyone like her !!


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