Special Friend Poem

so this is a poem I wrote for my best friend (which I happen to love) like a month and a half ago. It's short sweet and straight to the point.

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© Ilde S.

March 2011

Gift From God

This is for the most amazing person I've met,
the person that makes me feel awake.
The only one that can make my day,
by just having a smile on her face.
This is for the soul that makes mine twinkle
like a star among millions.
The soul that will make me say yay,
even in times of hopelessness.
This is for the eyes that break my barriers,
that look right through the mist.
For the beautiful pools of chocolate,
that melt me from within.
This is to the heart that will make mine skip,
like a kid among the trees.
This is for my personal moon,
that brightens my atmosphere.
This is to my blessing from god
the spirits, the wind, and whoever might exist.
To the beautiful being that makes my life worth living,
And the one I want to share it with.
If you haven't guessed yet,
This is for you my best friend.


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