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My mum suffered years of abuse and depression, so when I realized I was depressed, I thought she would be supportive and would understand. instead, she screamed at me and wouldn't even listen when I tried to explain... so this poem is about me just learning to deal with the fact that my family aren't there for me, but I know my friends always will be, no matter what.

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I really connected to this poem. I have attempted suicide countless times, and have many many scars all over my body. I have a past that's very terrifying. But as long as you have someone,...

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You Don't Understand

© Alkiera

Published on March 2011

you don't understand
you never do
I try to explain
but I can't get through to you

I tell you the truth
that I feel so depressed
but you say I'm okay
I thought you would know best

so I sit in my room
locked in my personal hell
while you pretend its all good
and I do as well

but I'm not okay
and my friends know that too
but you can't seem to see
what is right in front of you

you say its a phase,
blame my friends for it all
but you don't understand
that this is not their fault

I can't live like this
I can't live this life
and as much as I tried
I can't end it with a knife

I know you've been through this
that you ached so much more
but I can't help but wonder
don't you know me at all!?

I thought you would get it;
why I'm acting this way
but you don't fucking listen
to what I have to say

you just ignore me
pretend I'm alright
I want this to end
I feel like I might...

but I'm not as strong
as I'd like to be
so I'll act all normal
while I wait patiently

for my time to come
and I hope that its soon
my friends understand
I wish you could too

but you don't understand
and I know its not fair
but sometimes I feel
like you don't even care

I feel all alone
but I know that's not true
I have all my friends
but I wish I had you

I know with my friends
I'll make it through this
even though it feels like
my life's falling to bits

you don't understand
you never do
but I hope with their help
I can make it through


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  • by Andrea
  • 2 years ago

I really connected to this poem. I have attempted suicide countless times, and have many many scars all over my body. I have a past that's very terrifying. But as long as you have someone, near or it far, you will either get over depression completely, or deal with it better. No one is ever alone.


  • by Nabrayah
  • 2 years ago

I love this poem. I really felt your pain while reading this. It has like changed me in some sort of way . This poem will always be remembered by me. It will never leave my heart nor brain.


  • by Elesha
  • 2 years ago

Growing up my mom always told I wouldn't be anything so I beloved her and grow up turning to men for love. I was a stripper for many years and believed I couldn't and wouldn't be anything more. I have 2 kids who act like I don't exist and I feel no one listens or cares for me if I'm not spending money. I hate my life I tried to end it a year ago everyone thinks I'm strong. I'm just a 34 year old women crying out for help. I'm so tired of my depressing life and I want it to end. I feel sorry for my family when it ends but then they will see know one ever loved me not even me ....


  • by Alyssa, Illinois
  • 2 years ago

I know how you feel. My life is a living hell, and everyone around me sees me as a perfectly happy girl and they've told me so. But they don't know the truth, I'm not happy. I practically wear a smile all day and when I go home I take off that smile like I've been wearing a mask and sit in my room crying in the dark corner of my room. No one knows how I really feel. Me and my mother both fight. I never see my dad. And I get teased and pushed around, not just by kids at school, but also by some of my family members. When I try an open up to whom I thought were my best friends, they say I just want attention. I feel no one cares for me, but after I read your poem I realize that even with the very few REAL friends I have, encouraging me to stay strong, I can make it through life.


  • by Jedidiah
  • 3 years ago

This poem it changed my life. I hit an all time low and then one day, I found this and I left it for my mom and I attempted suicide and all I can say is life has been better. She tries. At least I know I'll never belong in my family. Thanks.


  • by Sam, Usa
  • 3 years ago

No one understands the pain that I feel, it follows me everywhere and never leaves me alone. I cry on the inside and bleed on the outside and I've become afraid of happiness because it always seems to get taken from me as quickly as it comes and leaves me with a feeling of emptiness. Every day I look at the mirror and can't seem to recognize the girl staring back at me. What have I become? I fell in love with a guy who never cared and got my best friend pregnant. We were together for 3 years before that. My mom died, My grandfather died, my great grandparents died, my sister ran away and now I'm afraid to get close to anyone cause I'm afraid they're gonna leave me. I used to be so happy and now I can barely stand going a day without slitting my wrist and can barely go an hour without thinking the world would be better without me in it. My dad and brother could care less if I died, same with the rest of the family, so what's holding me back? The thought of would my mom be proud of me if I killed myself?


  • by King Wlilliams Town
  • 3 years ago

I've been molested when I was 9 years old. Never told my mom when I was about to tell my dad he was dying and I didn't get a chance to tell him ! I once told my younger sister when she told me that she is a victim too and I was surprised to know that we are both victims of molestation. I was molested by a family friend neighbor whom my mom adores most. I thought it was my fault ! As the time goes I've realized that it was never my fault ! I was a little child who was helpless. The guy whom I looked up as a brother molested me on my early age! He took advantage of me!


  • by Meghan, Usa
  • 4 years ago

I feel alone and unloved I cry almost every night, my father was in prison twice and I blame myself, my moms boyfriend used to hit me and no one ever believed me. My sisters and brother lied for my moms boyfriend, I've been bullied from second grade to seventh and I'm in seventh again .. no one likes me, I have one good friend, I've tried killing myself but it's not as easy as it looks. I used to cut almost every night but now it's not as much. I still want to die. The first time I ever cut myself was in third grade the last time I cut was a week ago., I've been trying to ask for help but no one will listen. I wanna know that someone really cares about me, my mom wants me dead, and my brother said he wouldn't care if I died .. my ex boyfriend told me to go kill myself .. I want someone to help me)-: why won't anyone listen ?!)-':


  • by Emily Allen, Memphis
  • 4 years ago

I know how you mom never cares when I cut or hurt myself...but instead she grounds me and tells me I'm a stupid bitch and is never dad was the only one who ever supported me but he lived in a nursing home for about 2 years but he died last Wednesday in his sleep and I miss him so much.


  • by Cheyenne, North Carolina
  • 4 years ago

My life is hell. My father is not alive. Neither is my mother. the lady I live with wishes me dead. I get bullied everyday at school. I come home in tears. I was raped by the two guys I trusted with my life. I grew up with them they were like brothers. I wish they didn't do it, but it isn't the first time that it has happened. I can't tell anyone because no one ever believes. I just want to know I'm loved. I want to be cared about, but I never wanted what I got. I know I'm not loved where I am and I know if I wasn't around anymore no one would care.


  • by Dean-Na, Kingston
  • 4 years ago

I love your poem. See when I was abused by my uncle, my mom didn't believe me and she didn't want me to tell and when I did she got angry, all I could think is what about me? I felt like she didn't care about me, all my friends and teachers believed me but not her, so then I started to feel like it never happened it was all in my head, just because of what my mother said. Now I go to court and I don't want her there because I am afraid she will side with him.


  • by New England
  • 4 years ago

My cry is never heard to those who surround me. High school tore me from my "friends" and caused the tears from its stress. It seems to want to tear me down and suffocate me. The tears that fall burn my pink cheeks and I never wipe away so they remind me of the pain I feel. The neglect from my family and ignorance of the people at school have prospered by my tolerance, but I cannot live like this anymore. My friends I have left taunt me by their presence during special occasions and my heart feels like weights are trying to demolish the love I have, but no one to give it to. At the moment, I cannot continue the pain of this life.


  • by Valerie, USA
  • 4 years ago

I never eat breakfast, I never eat lunch. I wish I could, but if I try the food just doesn't go down my throat. When it does I wish it would just come back up. I am not anorexic, nor am I bulimic. I don't hate body but I am insecure. I hate my life, I want it to end. But I can't I have tried everything to get rid of this pain. Cutting. Throwing up. Everything. It doesn't work. Life just isn't what I'm good at. How can I get out of hell?


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