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Sad Poems about the Death of a Son

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Poem From A Grieving Father, Leaving Tears
By Lawrence J. Bach
The mourning, misty oak leaves weep
Warm dew drops falling from them sweep
Across cold stones in salty streams
Spent tears for Steven's broken dreams

Wolves howl under a death-pale ..........
Votes: 26,  Rating: 4.69
Dance Again
I see a waltz frozen in time, dancing and spinning, spinning and dancing. My ear pressed up against his chest, I hear his heart beat over and over again. Spinning and dancing, dancing and spinning, ..........
Votes: 9,  Rating: 4.56
Poem About A 25 Year Old Son Died, A Picture Of You
By Deborah Robinson
I only have a picture now,
A frozen piece of time,
To remind me of how it was,
When you were here, and mine.

I see your smiling eyes,
Each morning when I wake,
I talk to you, ..........
Votes: 464,  Rating: 4.55 , 119 Stories
Poem For Nephew's Funeral, A Tribute To Tyrone
By Kily Dunbar
No words I write could ever say
How sad and empty I feel today
The Angels came for you
Much sooner than I planned
I'll brave the bitter grief that comes
And I'll try my best ..........
Votes: 233,  Rating: 4.55 , 13 Stories
Life Goes On
It's true what they say, when a child is born,
a mother's heart is no longer her own,
It runs and skips and giggles and grins,
And crawls in her lap, for a kiss on the chin,
But where ..........
Votes: 176,  Rating: 4.52 , 11 Stories
Beautiful Boy - RIP Darling Adrian
By Cara Veronica Doyle
My darling Adrian, my love and my joy
Canít believe itís today Ė youíre my birthday boy

Those beautiful blue eyes, so filled with delight
Still visit me in my dreams, so many a ..........
Votes: 35,  Rating: 4.51 , 1 Story
Death Of Only Child Poem, Kenn
By Carolyn
I know that my son has passed away
But I will love him until my dying day.
So please listen to my memories every now and then
Family and friends, please allow me to talk about ..........
Votes: 180,  Rating: 4.49 , 19 Stories
Bereaved Mother And Grandparent, All I Know Is
By Tina Pielstick
All I know is.... I will always miss my Nick and long for him.
All I know is.... one minute I'm together and the next I'm falling apart.
All I know is.... my heart hurts all the time and it ..........
Votes: 92,  Rating: 4.49 , 22 Stories
Just Baby Sitting
By Savannah Denvir
Dear God,
This is just a little letter for you, because we have an agreement. You are to babysit my little boy for us until we come to see him, I only ask these few things from you,
One please ..........
Votes: 124,  Rating: 4.44 , 1 Story
Poem From A Grieving Mother, Here I Stand
By Shannon Foreman
Here I stand the fourth year at your grave,
Still trying to accept the decision God made.
I drive myself crazy for a hint or a clue,
Of why at nineteen He had to take you.
I would have ..........
Votes: 36,  Rating: 4.39
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