Son Death Poems

Death Of A Son Poems

One of the most tragic and traumatic losses life can deal out to a person is the death of a son. The death of a son means the loss of more than just a precious life. It represents the loss of future experiences and future hopes. No parent is prepared for the loss of a child, and when it happens, their world is changed forever. The grief, guilt, and anguish felt are acute and lasting. Parents can find comfort in knowing that their grief and mourning are normal and that many other parents have lived through similar tragedies

Sad Poems About The Death Of A Son

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Poem About Missing Son
For The Need Of You

I need you to touch,
I need you to see,
I need you so much,
I need you with me.

My life feels so empty,
My heart feels so cold.
I need you beside me,
I need you to hold.

Why were you taken?
I ask that each day,
But no one will answer,
I therefore now pray.

I pray that you're happy,
I pray that you're safe,
I pray that I'll hear you,
And that I have faith.

That's all I have now
I have to believe
In life beyond this one,
We all must achieve.

Come to me, Liam,
And whisper my name.
Tell me you're happy,
and I'll be the same.

My life at the moment
Is empty and dark.
The light that once shone
Has gone out in my heart.


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It’s heartbreaking how much I relate to your poem. My beautiful boy has now been gone a whole two years. He was 25. It’s unimaginable, really. I have two other children…daughters, who I know...

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