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The trauma of abuse is never fully gone from a person's consciousness. Its filthy stain leaves its residue on the soul forever. However, like all bad experiences, it is possible to turn this experience into good by developing compassion and empathy for others who have been through this experience. Many people feel that bringing meaning to a traumatic experience is a path to healing. When I turn a negative experience into a tool that brings meaning into my life and others, I am taking the best kind of revenge on my abuser.

Sad Poems on Abuse

Thank You to the Victims who have shared their stories

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Hush Little Sister
By Yerzinia
Hush, little sister
Please don't cry
I wish I could be there
To sing you a lullaby

I can see your arms
Bloodied and bruised
That's strange, little sister
Mine were like that ..........
Votes: 1546,  Rating: 4.77 , 62 Stories
Don't Give Up Hope Get Help, Listen
There is a reflection of pain in her eyes, as she fights back tears.
Trying to figure out why she has put up with it all of these years.
Innocence gone.
Just taken away.
Struggling to ..........
Votes: 409,  Rating: 4.71 , 26 Stories
Inner Child
By Kate
Hello Dear Jesus,
Itís been a long, long time.
I hope that you still know me,
Iíve been hiding quite awhile.
I know that you know all things
Still, I think I should explain,
The ..........
Votes: 332,  Rating: 4.7 , 25 Stories
Child Abuse Ends In Death, Speechless
My Name Is Sasha
My Sister Is Leigh
I am six
And she is three

Our dad's always mad
He screams and he yells
I donít think he likes us
It's easy to tell

Mum's only ..........
Votes: 1740,  Rating: 4.69 , 44 Stories
No Way Out From Sexual Abuse
He came into my life
when I was just a little girl
I was happy and young
And then he changed my world

One night I was in bed
And he came to say goodnight
except he took a little ..........
Votes: 1506,  Rating: 4.66 , 178 Stories
Poem From A Child Abused Physically And Emotionally, Living In My World
By Tiffany L. Holic
Late on the dishes, food still on the plate
Mommy is mad-Daddy's home late.
I'm in the corner crying all alone
Wishing to myself, get me out of this home.
I'm always getting beaten, never ..........
Votes: 1177,  Rating: 4.65 , 18 Stories
Don't Stay In An Abusive Relationship, While I Was Bleeding
By Tania
Where do I begin to explain the beating?
You watched as I sat there bleeding,
You never cared about my feeling.
My hurt had no healing.
Rape after rape I knew I had to escape, ..........
Votes: 293,  Rating: 4.65 , 8 Stories
Black And Blue
By J.D
Sitting alone under the night sky so black,
Nobody knows what she's holding back,
Pulling her sleeves past the black and blue,
Once these bruises fade they'll come back anew.

Looking ..........
Votes: 146,  Rating: 4.65 , 5 Stories
Poem by A Victim Of Domestic Violence, Returning Faith
By Lynette Gutwein
You took away my innocence
My hopes, my dreams, my youth
You took from me my very soul
What could have been, I never knew

Your words would cut me deep inside
Deep to the very ..........
Votes: 75,  Rating: 4.64 , 4 Stories
My Innocence, Never To Regain
By Ellen
If God granted me one wish
I know what it would be.
To return the child's innocence
That you stole from me.
You said it was all right
All Daddy's play this game.
I felt that ..........
Votes: 35,  Rating: 4.6 , 1 Story
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