Short Sad Poems

Sometimes you don't need to write a lot to express a feeling. This category is for sad poems when just a few lines will do. Feelings are not complex. When we allow ourselves to feel them in a pure undiluted way, we often begin the process of releasing pent up sadness. When you want to tell the story and the reasons behind the feeling, that will often turn into a longer poem. Both of these styles of telling are equally valid. It is simply a matter of what needs to be expressed in the moment.
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Possibility Pair, Of Ox
By David Mchugh
I wake up,
I never sleep

I fill my lungs,
I never breathe

I move my lips,
I never speak

Broken pipes that never leak

I open eyes,
I cannot see

I spire ..........
Votes: 84,  Rating: 4.18
How Could I Be So Lonely
By Cath Glasgow
How could I be so lost,
In a place I know so well?
How could I be so broken,
In a family so together?
How could I be so lonely,
Surrounded by so many?
How could I be so ..........
Votes: 171,  Rating: 4.09 , 4 Stories
In The Silence
By Rebecca Swadzba
I take a glance,
at the scars on my wrists
they tell me,
it doesn't have to be like this
I want to talk,
to let it out
but nobody is there to listen,
even when I ..........
Votes: 66,  Rating: 3.97 , 6 Stories
Silent Tears
shh...listen don't you hear
I'm crying but they are silent tears
I'm crying on the inside so you can't see
all the pain running though me
I cry for you I cry for me
I cry for the ..........
Votes: 126,  Rating: 3.55
Hurt And Pain
By Lora
Hurt and pain.
There's much to gain.
Peace and love.
It's all the same.
Confusion and doubt.
We're not without.
We weep, we cry.
We plead, we try.
We laugh, we smile.
Only ..........
Votes: 184,  Rating: 3.16
Short Sad Poems 1-5 of 5    
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