Heartbreak Poems

When your heart is broken it is the saddest thing in the world. All your energy leaves you and everything in your life seems to lose all meaning. You gave your heart and soul to this love, and now it is no more. How can your heart ever be whole again? There is a very deep thought attributed the Mystical Rabbi of Kotzk, "there is nothing as whole as a broken heart". Although a broken heart is painful, it brings a person to turn to G-d. He realizes that he is ultimately alone in the world except for G-d who is always there to comfort him.

Sad Love Poems about Heartbreak

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Poem For When A Marriage Falls Apart, Do You Know
By Michelle Boyd
Do you know a life of loneliness and one filled with pain
living a life with nothing to gain. Surrounded by darkness
Overwhelmed with shame. A life without peace with no one to blame.
Votes: 316,  Rating: 4.47 , 9 Stories
I Tried So Hard
By Whitney Barton
I tried so hard.
I tried my best.
I gave you my all,
and now there's nothing left.

You stole my heart,
then tore it in two.
Now I'm falling apart,
and don't know what to ..........
Votes: 480,  Rating: 4.39 , 20 Stories
How Can I Forget Him Poem, He'll Never Know
By Jennifer
I want to run, I want to hide.
From all the pain he caused inside.
I want to scream, I want to cry.
Why can't I tell him Goodbye?

I want to move on, I just can't let go.
I love him ..........
Votes: 806,  Rating: 4.38 , 46 Stories
Girlfriend Still Loves Ex Boyfriend, The Siren
By Callum J Wood
He wrote her a song, but it never got finished
They both fell in love but it was soon diminished
She sits on his bed and cries in his lap
He cries back at her, knowing they can't go ..........
Votes: 93,  Rating: 4.37 , 6 Stories
Be The Woman You Can!
By Kevin Lyth
At times our lives are set to change
Through no fault of our own,
A change you know will break your heart
And break the family home.

But what is more important?
To live a life in ..........
Votes: 69,  Rating: 4.35 , 1 Story
Broken Heart Poem, A Broken Heart
How do I mend a broken heart?
My entire world has fallen apart.
How do I find hope in a brand new day,
when the one I love has gone away?
My mind overflows with memories of you,
of all ..........
Votes: 1249,  Rating: 4.34 , 36 Stories
Baby I'm Stronger
By Ashlei Ernst
You came into my life
During a time I was hurt,
All you said
Was that he was a jerk.
Days went by, we became close
I never thought I'd love you the most.
I went to your baseball ..........
Votes: 83,  Rating: 4.34
Power Of Words
was it the first time I saw your face
or when I first saw you smile
when I was settled in my place
hope you'd stay for a while

when I thought that my life
couldn't get any ..........
Votes: 90,  Rating: 4.31 , 1 Story
Bottom Of My Heart
By Efi
Don't talk anymore my love
Just look at me
and you will understand
how I feel.
Look deep in my eyes
and you'll see your name,
my soul's broken mirror.
I love you more than you ..........
Votes: 155,  Rating: 4.3 , 6 Stories
Broken When You Left
By Caitlin
Baby I guess it was never meant to be,
I miss what we used to be,
but baby can't you see that I'm dying,
I've spent all of my lonely nights crying,
making myself believe it's not ..........
Votes: 108,  Rating: 4.27 , 1 Story
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