Grandfather Death Poem

After 5 years of not seeing him, I went on holiday to Europe for a visit. I spent the next 3 months travelling daily to and from his hospital bed. At 12 years old I helplessly watched my grandfather die of cancer.

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Published: Nov 2010

Goodbye Grandfather

You never know the extent of a word
Until you use it
You never know the impact of a word
Until you abuse it
You never know what could or couldn't have been
Until you lose it
You'll never live through the good times in between
Because you lost it
Please when you say goodbye
Make it count for what it's worth
Put some value on the word
It may be the last one ever heard
What I would give to see his face
Just one last time
He's lying in a better place
So I'll just smile and say it's fine
We never got to share a dance
Or celebrate together
If only we had one last chance
I'd make it last forever
I would show him how good I've done
And how much better I still can do
I'd show him how much he meant to me
And how much I loved him to
I'd thank him for always being there
And sending me all his love
I want to feel him one more time
Give him one last hug
He was the strongest male figure
I ever came across
He wore a smile even though
He knew how much he lost
The word goodbye left my lips
So quickly and so hollow
If only I knew it was forever
Id tell him only until tomorrow
I'd make sure he kept fighting
Even though he was tired and weak
I'd be there to stop him crying
Whilst sleeping I'd kiss him on the cheek.
And if it was his last 10 breathes
That he would only ever get
I'd take his hand and tell him
That him I would never forget
Followed by that little word
That makes him know its time
That little word that makes me cry
I'd tell him, Grandfather Goodbye


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