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This is for my bf who's been there for me since the day we met. We had a baby that was in NICU for about 2 months & those 2 months that I was struggling he was there. He always make sure I'm ok and our baby is okay. We wake up & go visit our baby & he goes to work and when he gets out come back to the hospital to see our baby. He made lots of sacrifices & I love him so very much. I'm so thankful that God gave me such a wonderful guy. Because not only is he a good bf but also a good father.

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© Jrec

Published: Jun 2012

Always Belong To You

At times I may get mad at you
without any reason
At times I might yell
but hey just know that I just want your attention
I know at times I'm hard to deal with
but please just try
I know that I can be hard headed
but one kiss from you makes me soft
I can't be perfect and I will never be,
but I promise you one thing
that no matter where life take us
I will never leave or give up on you
I will always stay by your side and
assure you that everything will be okay
I will walk with you hand and hand
then smile and wipe your sorrow away
I will never ever in a million years
would ask for someone else
because no matter how hard they all try to compete with you
they will never win..
Because my heart will always belong to you..
I LOVE YOU... ^-^


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