Spiritual Poem about Death

life after death, heaven and angels. can't wait until I can hear my angels sing

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My Friend lost her Mother, I wanted to send her a card but didn't have the …

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© Jai Martinez

Published: Dec 2009

Angels Sing

I wonder, when I get to heaven will the angels sing to me.
oh, what joy it will bring to me.
years and years of tears and tears.
time to put away the stress, pain and fears.
no more troubles, anger and jealousy.
my angels will sing for me, is what they are telling me.
oh I can't wait until I hear my angels sing a hymn for me.
it brings great love knowing that they will be there for me.
I can't wait until I get my angel wings. and I can sing along.
and welcome all my friends as I too, sing along.
when my time comes, I'll be ready as I can be
won't question the lord on why he chose me.
just to know the fact he called me, the joy it brings.
oh I can't wait to hear my angels sing


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  • by Tressa Tate, Grand Prairie,Texas
  • Feb 2013

My Friend lost her Mother, I wanted to send her a card but didn't have the time. The First Poem that I read was so touching it said everything I needed to say to her. I printed it out and mailed it to her. I feel like this is what she need to hear. It touched me this was the 1st time ever I visited this web-site. And I will again Just to read for myself to lift me up.
Thank You


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