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Viewing abortion as a simple, convenient procedure is misguided. Mothers who have chosen to abort often face feelings of sorrow, shame, and guilt. The body will physically heal after an abortion given time, but the psychological scars left behind may never fade. Many women feel anger for having aborted a child they were told did not yet exist as a person. While the acute grief that often follows abortion may be difficult to cope with, expressing such feelings through writing or to an intimate friend can help. Although the decision to abort is irreversible, forgiveness and a measure of peace can be found.

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Sad Poems on Grieving with Abortion Pain

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Poem About Giving Up A Baby
  • By Lotty B.
Dear Baby Unborn

Dear baby unborn,
You came out of the blue.
I took a pregnancy test,
And then I knew,

My world turned upside down.
Inside I could feel you;
It made me smile,
But part of me knew I couldn't keep you.

You became my world.
I would talk to you hour on hour.
I grew to love you.
I wished the decision was out of my power.

See, I wanted to be your mum,
I wanted to keep you safe,
I wanted to hold you close,
I wanted to be the one you depended on.
For a second I thought I could do it.
I thought I could be the one,
I thought I was ready for it,
But in just two days you were gone.

You see, mummy loved you
With every part of her heart,
But Mummy knew that we were better off apart
Because Mummy couldn't give you the life that you deserved.

There isn't a single day
Where Mummy doesn't wish that she could reach up
And grab you back down to earth,
Place you safely back in Mummy's tummy,
And show you how much you're worth.

Smiling is hard without you.
I grieve for you every day,
But this was my decision,
I chose to let you fly away,

Fly away with the angels,
And look down on me from up above.
Understand my decision, baby,
Wasn't done through a lack of love.

I loved all that you were, with every part of me.
That will never change,
You will always be my first,
My baby unborn at 65 days.


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