Sympathy Poems

The ability to feel sympathy for each other is one of the most beautiful traits that we possess as humans. The human condition is one of fundamental aloneness. When we reach out and share our sympathies with another human being in pain, we are offering a great kindness to the individual in pain. He knows that he is fundamentally alone but at least he knows that others care and are trying to understand.

Poems about Sympathy

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Poem Of Comfort For Grieving, My Angel, My Gram
By Julia
Tear drops run down our face
While our loved one takes her place
In the land of dreams and faith
She waits for the day when life will wake

The sun will rise and the clouds will ..........
Votes: 45,  Rating: 4.38
Please Don't Cry
Please donít cry
Iím not really gone
When you look out the window
Iíll be standing on the lawn

Please donít cry
Iíll see you again
Donít be sad
Keep up your ..........
Votes: 412,  Rating: 4.37 , 4 Stories
Ode To Caylee
By Edward
Ode to Caylee
Although I've never met Caylee Anthony face to face
I pray she is in a warm safe place
Such a sweet and innocent little girl
It breaks my heart to think she has left this ..........
Votes: 125,  Rating: 4.34 , 1 Story
A Mother's True Price
By Timothy J. Letts
A single tear rolls down her cheek as she remembers.
Every thought and every memory, she remembers.
She sees his face, she feels his soul, she remembers.
She feels the pain, she lays in vain ..........
Votes: 27,  Rating: 4.3
It Will Be Ok, Mom
By Rebecca Qualls
My heart is hurting for you, Mom
Because Daddy had to go
I know you feel like your love is gone
But I just want you to know

He is watching you from above
With longing in his ..........
Votes: 17,  Rating: 4.18 , 1 Story
Sympathy For A Miscarriage Poem, For Kara
A scar on the soul
Never to be seen
A light in the tunnel
Please return to me

And when we meet
After the dark
You'll be there
To complete my heart

An ugly truth ..........
Votes: 13,  Rating: 4.15
The Loss Of A Loved One
By Kenya. H
The loss of a love one is so hard to face,
you just want to hide,
go somewhere and escape!
But death is something,
we all must go through,
I ..........
Votes: 191,  Rating: 4.14 , 10 Stories
A Child Never Forgotten
By Carolyn Autiello
our heart was broken
without a warning no words spoken
you were taken away
someone said you could not stay

empty and lonely is what we are
we lost a precious shining star
our ..........
Votes: 69,  Rating: 4.13 , 1 Story
You Broke Apart
By Nandi Roberts
The one who just showed anger
No fear, No hurt
The one who never seemed to care
Tears shed and not a word spoke
Now I see that you were being strong
Trying to hold it ..........
Votes: 15,  Rating: 4.13
Still Here
By Stephen Hamer
Remember them like theyíre still here
Even though they are not
They have gone to a better place
Somewhere we are not

The feeling of loss we get
Some people donít understand
Just ..........
Votes: 49,  Rating: 3.86 , 1 Story
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