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The ability to feel sympathy for each other is one of the most beautiful traits that we possess as humans. The human condition is one of fundamental aloneness. When we reach out and share our sympathies with another human being in pain, we are offering a great kindness to the individual in pain. He knows that he is fundamentally alone but at least he knows that others care and are trying to understand.

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Poem About Loved One's Spirit Being Near
Please Don't Cry

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Please don't cry
I'm not really gone
When you look out the window
I'll be standing on the lawn

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I love this story to it reminds me of my cousin he died 4 years ago to a Oxycontin overdose

  • By Carolyn Autiello
  • Published: June 2012
A Child Never Forgotten

our heart was broken
without a warning, no words spoken
you were taken away
someone said you could not stay

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My cousin lost a grandchild and the parent failed to explain the cause of death. The only explanation is that the child went out through a gate to the street and when she came back she was...

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Poem About Words Meant To Comfort
  • By Ron Tranmer
  • Published: January 31, 2015
They Say

They say I'm sorry for your loss
They say your heart will mend
They say you're in a better place,
and death is not the end.

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Poem About Finishing Work On Earth
Finally Home

Although your work on earth is done
Your life in heaven has just begun.
Your struggles here were hard and long
But they're over now, you're finally home.

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I was raised mostly by my Grandmother, my Dads Mom and even though its been yrs. Since her passing I miss and think of her every single day. We were very close when I was growing up. She...

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  • By Kenya. H
  • Published: February 2010
The Loss Of A Loved One

The loss of a loved one is so hard to face,
you just want to hide,
go somewhere and escape!
But death is something

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I lost my mother this morning to a prolonged illness. This is the most difficult time in my life. She is everything to me, my best friend and sister. I feel empty and lost.

Poem About The Loss Of An Innocent Girl
  • By Edward
  • Published: September 2008
Ode To Caylee

Ode to Caylee
Although I've never met Caylee Anthony face to face
I pray she is in a warm safe place
Such a sweet and innocent little girl

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I have been keeping up with thiis I was looking for a poem for my husband to have read for his mom passed away. Is was so touching I wish they could read it on tv.

Poem About Hope And Faith In Eternal Life
Heaven's Light

The sun shines down upon us
and gives us warmth and light.
Then when the day has ended
it disappears from sight.

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Sympathy For A Miscarriage Poem
For Kara

A scar on the soul
Never to be seen
A light in the tunnel
Please return to me...

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Poem Of Comfort For Grieving
  • By Julia
  • Published: July 2013
My Angel, My Gram

Tear drops run down our faces
While our loved one takes her place
In the land of dreams and faith
She waits for the day when life will wake

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Latest Shared Story

My nana died yesterday of cancer and this is really beautiful. Thank you so much. I hope you've found peace with your loss now.

Poem About Always Remembering
  • By Timothy J. Letts
  • Published: July 2011
A Mother's True Price

A single tear rolls down her cheek as she remembers.
Every thought and every memory, she remembers.
She sees his face, she feels his soul, she remembers.
She feels the pain, she lays in vain as she remembers.

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