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I'm 14 and I don't really know why I wrote this. It's like my head was singing some song and I had a pencil and when I looked down a poem was there so... Enjoy!

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This poem makes me dream, dream of a life that one day might come true

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© Shelby Denham

Published: Jan 2008

Shadow Of Life

Walking in the shadow of fear
drowning endlessly by a single tear
running along side of self-discovery
fearing the loss of self- recovery
parts of mind going unknown
dangerous sides going unshown
one day you will eventually die
so today make everything right


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  • by Angie
  • 11/14/2014

This poem makes me dream, dream of a life that one day might come true


  • by Dipika Korday, India Mumbai
  • Jun 2010

when I was a small child my grandpops always use to say "Complete your work in time" and since I obeyed him I followed his advice in my whole life and I'm really happy that I listened his advice. Now I know the real meaning of what he said, it was that, "we don't know when we are going to die, it might be the next day or the next minute, so complete your work in time so that you wont be guilty of the life you lead.


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