Alcohol Addiction Poem

I wrote this poem while I was in rehab. I've been sober now for almost four months, and I've struggled with the disease of addiction every waking moment since that day I was arrested and my entire life changed. I hope this poem can help the people out there struggling with this problem day after day, because I know I still do.

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October 1, 2013

Disease Of Addiction

It's a sneaky little thing
That comes without a call.
When you think you have it conquered,
Is when you lose it all.

Wherever you are going,
Or wherever you may be,
Don't think that it won't find you.
Or that you'll ever be set free.

It's tricky and deceiving,
Shows up without a trace.
No matter where you are,
It can smack you in the face.

You've fought it for so long,
That you think it's finally gone.
But don't ever be so sure,
To think you've found the cure.

You thought you had it in the bag.
It was locked behind the gate.
But silly you, you had no clue,
It's always out to get you.

You won't know when it's coming.
Or even that it's there.
You think that you can stop it,
By drinking just ONE beer.

I have just one last tip,
Of its hidden little treat.
Think before you take that sip,
For you will soon be beat.

My friend it is the worst disease,
I solemnly must say.
That you will find it lurks within,
Even to this day.

I've done all I can do,
Now it's up to you to fight.
But I see that you've made your choice,
When you drank into the night.

You stumbled across the floor,
And I couldn't take the sight.
There's no helping you no more,
So I'm heading for the door.

I'm begging of you please,
Don't ever make that choice.
To let the drugs control you,
And take away your voice.

It's faster than a bullet,
In a gun up to your head.
Only you can pull the trigger,
But once you do, you're dead.


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